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  • "Grow Successfully and Exit Successfully" Join us Thursday, July 28th for a fun summertime event at Globe Life Park in Arlington. This event is geared to business owners considering ownership transition. Networking starts at 2 p.m., seminar at 3 p.m., then we'll be enjoying some Texas Rangers baseball directly afterward at Globe Life Park. Reach out to us if you'd like more information or are interested in attending with us!
  • Friday, July 29th - If you haven't upgraded to Windows 10, July 29th is the last day that qualified Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 devices can upgrade for free! See our story below for more info!
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Free upgrade to Win 10Free Upgrade to Windows 10 Ends July 29th If you own a business or manage your organization’s IT, you need to know that the deadline to upgrade your qualified Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 devices to Windows 10 at no cost is Friday, July 29th, 2016.  For exact details, visit https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/12435/windows-10-upgrade-faq. Windows 10 has made everything better. It’s faster, smoother, and the tiled interface no longer monopolizes the system.  It works great for desktops, laptops, and tablets.  There are more in-depth features for power users, but it’s better at ordinary tasks, too. Fulcrum Group’s own Tyson Rasanen discussed his thoughts on Windows 10 in a previous newsletter, “The biggest plus to my update was that it was shockingly smooth!  I didn’t experience a single problem with my existing apps migrating over – even updating the video drivers. The upgrader will tell you ahead of time if you have any apps that aren’t compatible, so the most laborious effort I had to make was pressing the go button for rebooting, twice.” Windows 7 is a reliable workhorse operating system for many organizations, but there are some vital reasons Microsoft wants to get everyone updated to the latest version of the software. Security tops that list, but there’s also the challenge of supporting thousands of different types of computers across different operating systems written years and years ago. For some there are reasons you may want to more carefully consider your Windows 10 migration. Contact us here at The Fulcrum Group at 817-337-0300 to talk to one of our technology consultants who can assist you in the decision and process of upgrading to Windows 10.  Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have questions.
Hyper V vs. VMWare Smackdown Hyper V vs VMWare Virtualization is an innovative technology that helps companies save big money and operate with greater efficiency. Large companies with vast IT resources were the first to implement it. Now, businesses of all sizes are joining the bandwagon. How do you know which solution might be the best fit for your organization?  Here some general guidelines that Fulcrum Group uses when determining which virtualization platform to utilize.
  • If you plan on having 3 or fewer virtual host servers, Microsoft Hyper-V is probably the best fit.
  • If you have a larger, “enterprise” environment, we would typically recommend VMware.
  • If you have internal IT staff, and they have experience with VMware, we would recommend VMware, regardless of the size of the environment.
  • If you are a government or non-profit agency, we would typically recommend Microsoft Hyper-V due to attractive licensing costs.
Here's a few helpful articles that break it down for you in more detail: We want to help make virtualization easier for organizations of all sizes.  Feel free to request your free Virtualization Readiness Assessment - we're always glad to help!
SPOTlight On: Keep Your Computer Equipment Performing OptimallyThe Fulcrum Group - Dallas Fort Worth IT Experts From dusting your equipment to enclosing them properly and storing in the right environment, your computer system is one of your organization's largest investments. This month, we've put together a few simple tips for you, to help you keep your computer equipment performing as healthily possible.  Here's some things to implement in your work environment: A few simple tips if your business cannot afford a proper rack enclosure for your systems:
  • Keep off the floor (if water leakage possible).
  • House your systems in a controlled or lockable area.
  • Implement a dedicated circuit for power (orange outlet).
  • Ensure your equipment has good cooling (ie., it is not housed inside a cabinet).
  • Utilize basic cable management (so they don’t bend).

More Than Tech Tips: Celebrate Summer In Your Office Tech Tips from The Fulcrum Group, Dallas Fort Worth IT Managed Services Provider Its no fun to be office-bound when everyone else is headed to an exotic locale for vacation.  If you're stuck, or if you just want to punch up summertime for your employees, here are some fun tips: From taking your lunch outdoors, to hosting a frozen treat happy hour, here are 15 Ways To Enjoy Summer When You're Trapped In The Office. Change up your commute a little, start early so you can finish a little early, and decorate the office with fun summer stuff are some of the suggestions in How To Enjoy Summer While Working. We've implemented some safari decorations here at the Fulcrum Group to complement our quarterly theme.  What are some ways you're trying to crank up the fun in the summertime at work?  Share on our Facebook page!
Did You Know...Save Big With Windows 2012 R2 Datacenter The Fulcrum Group Dallas Fort Worth IT Experts Microsoft Windows 2012 R2 Datacenter Edition includes unlimited Windows 2012 R2 Standard Edition licensing for VMs. So if your host server is beefy enough to host 20 Windows 2012 R2 Standard VMs, it won’t cost you a penny extra.  That could be several thousand dollars in savings!  Let us help you today!