January News:

On The Calendar

The Fulcrum Group Is Turning 19!

On March 1, The Fulcrum Group officially turns 19. Consistent growth over the past few years – 2020 not withstanding – has helped usher us into 2021, stronger than ever! In fact, CEO and Founder, Steve Meek, recently chatted with Channel Futures about changing technology and evolving operations, where he spoke about several principles that drives the business and has put Fulcrum on the path to success — ultimately landing us on the new SMB Hot 101 list this year. Caring for and helping the people you work with, and the willingness to allow for open exchange of ideas are just two things that have helped make Fulcrum Group so successful in its 19 years. Read on to find out more.

Fulcrum Group Microsoft Office 365 Tips & Tricks Training

January 14th is our next Microsoft Office 365 Tips & Tricks session. We’re sharing great training tips on the entire Microsoft Office 365 suite. If you are interested in joining our monthly online sessions and haven’t yet, please reach out to David Johnson. We’ll send you an Outlook invite with the info to join in it.

While this series continues, previous sessions can always be accessed from our Events page.

We’ll let you know about any additional upcoming special events through our social media pages, which we’ll update on our Events page as they occur. Quick links to our social media pages are accessible right from our website and in every monthly newsletter email you receive from us.

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Virtual Remote Work Best Practices Lunch & Learn

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Please join us Wednesday, March 3rd from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. for a timely discussion on on how to manage remote workers – including tips on dealing with cybersecurity threats, effective management, and culture within your remote work force.

We will provide lunch to attendees via Doordash at this virtual event, and you will be automatically registered to be entered in our $250 Amazon gift card giveaway! Don’t miss it – register here:

SPOT Managed IT Services – Process Driven IT

Here at The Fulcrum Group, we’ve been in business for nearly 20 years. Over those years, we’ve constantly strived to continuously improve on our services and solutions, especially when it comes to our flagship solution, SPOT Managed IT Services. Here’s how SPOT Managed IT Services can help you get better results from IT.

  • Process-driven IT – we focus on continuous incremental improvements to IT environment, reducing outages, downtime, and user issues. We address small issues before they become big issues for our clients
  • Service Desk 6am to 6pm Mon-Fri – our service desk connects clients with someone within 1 min on average, resolving tickets same day 87% of the time (these are numbers from December).
  • Quarterly Proactive Services STAR Power Visit – Fulcrum Group Managed IT clients are guided through Fulcrum’s IT Standards Checklist and receive an IT Report Card, which informs the Fractional CIO’s Technology Roadmap.
  • Quarterly Strategy Review w/Fractional CIO – Fulcrum Group Fractional CIOs Review IT budgets and Technology Roadmaps with clients, focus on improving capabilities and lowering costs, and provide an IT asset list to clients every quarter
  • Checklists for New User Setup & Employee Deprovisioning – Our procedures ensure that new users are setup correctly every time, and when client employees leave, their email, files, and accounts are archived appropriately.
  • Cybersecurity & Disaster Recovery – We include workstation/server security software, employee security awareness training, annual reviews of backup & disaster recovery plans, along with regular testing of backups, which ensure confidence that cybersecurity risks are being mitigated

If you’re not already a SPOT Managed IT Services client, reach out to us to learn how to get better results from your technology.

What is STAR Power?

Our SPOT Managed IT Services is process driven around something we call STAR Power.

The key reason IT support fails is that some firms just treat symptoms and never try to anticipate the root cause. Our Proactive Services Engineer completes a quarterly STAR review with every SPOT client to check for technical best practices.

The resulting Business Alignment Report is shared with the Fractional CIO, who reviews the technical best practices with client, to ensure that IT systems are aligned with the business’s goals. Read more HERE.

Click to read January’s Cybersecurity Awareness News.

Cybersecurity SPOTlight: Review of Latest Security Threats & How To Avoid Them

Although 2020 may be the year we all want to forget, cybercriminals have really ramped it up, shattering multiple records for their malfeasance.

With a tumultuous year behind us, set goals for your future cybersecurity success. We all have lessons to learn and skills to improve so let’s make this next year a success! Read this month’s newsletter for a rundown of the current cybersecurity landscape and get great tips to keep yourself and your employees safe.

Vistage Executive News – What Makes A Great Leader

Contributed by Jim Brewer, Vistage Partner and Managing Partner, Brewer Leadership Go here to read article in its entirety.

Are leaders born or made? This month, Vistage Partner and Managing Partner of Brewer Leadership, Jim Brewer, proposes 3 qualities that make a great leader.

  1. Leaders are Change-Makers. Those that can create change are looked to as leaders. When they do it on a grander scale, they become our heroes. Great change leaders keep innovating, looking at change in every aspect of their business, and fostering change in their people and themselves.
  2. Leaders Confront Conflict. When we create change, we invite and confront conflict. The interdependence of change and conflict is one of the great forces and natural tensions of human behavior. Good leaders know that conflict comes with the territory and creates a culture that confronts it.
  3. Leaders Look Inward First. Self awareness is arguably one of the most important attributes of leadership. From honest conversations with friends, to books, blogs and inspirational talks, the willingness to not only hear information, but act on it is critical to continual self-improvement and learning, so important in being a great leader. Don’t miss the other great points included here at Brewer Leadership. Read more here.

Did You Know…? STAR Power

Did you know…? Fulcrum’s SPOT Managed IT Services include our STAR Power – specially assigned Proactive Services Engineer and Fractional CIO working together to ensure that technical standards are aligned with your business goals.