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On The Calendar SECURITY ALERT:  To find out more about how you can protect against Spectre and Meltdown, Intel's 2 most recent security exploits that affect virtually every modern computing device, please read our latest blog on the topic.  Feel free to reach out by email or phone at 817.337.0300 if you need further assistance. Keep our Events page bookmarked for event updates. We'll let you know about upcoming special events through our social media pages. Quick links to our social media pages are accessible right from our website and in every monthly newsletter email you receive from us. If you're new to our newsletter and you'd like to subscribe, let us know.
6 IT Security Trends for 2018  Top Trends in IT 2018 As 2018 dawns, it’s time to take a look at some of the most important security trends for the year.
  1. IoT Security As the Internet of Things moves from concept to reality, millions of new devices will be connected to the Internet, creating new attack surfaces for cybercriminals. This trend will accelerate in 2018, and you should make sure that you include IoT security in your overall IT policies as well as your IT security policies. If you haven't already, please check our blog for latest info on Meltdown and Spectre, 2 recent huge security exploits and how they might affect you.
  2. Ransomware Ransomware will remain a major thorn on the side of small businesses. That’s because it has proven to be so profitable for cybercriminals. Your IT budget should address the ransomware threat with tools and practices such as patch management, anti-phishing, content filters, threat intelligence and data backup and recovery.
  3. Mobile Threats As users rely more and more on mobile devices, hackers target those devices to get the biggest bang for their buck. It’s the same reason they have historically targeted Windows and widely used applications such as Adobe Flash. You cannot fully protect clients without addressing mobile threats, so get acquainted with the technology and methods to deliver mobile security.
  4. Rapid Incident Response Fast-spreading ransomware infections such as WannaCry highlighted the need for immediate response to cyberattacks. Not only do you need rapid response, but you also need tools for detection.  How can you respond if you don’t know there’s been a breach?
  5. Software Exploits Besides phishing, software exploits are the most common method delivering malware, including some ransomware variants. This trend will persist and worsen because attack surfaces are increasing as a result of mobile and IoT apps. The Fulcrum Group can help with automated patch management of Windows computers, and can also schedule patching and updating of firmware for server hardware, network hardware, and IoT devices.
  6. Regulation Compliance Data privacy regulations abound, and vary between industries, states, countries and regions. It’s hard for any company to keep up with them all; that’s why Fulcrum Group provides assistance to help our clients figure out which regulations apply to them and how to reach compliance.
With 2018 kicking into gear, small businesses that stay on top of these IT security trends with a plan in place to monitor, detect, and respond to IT security threats will have a leg up on the competition. Browse our IT Security solutions and contact us today if you'd like assistance!
SPOT Shield Managed IT Security Services SPOT Shield Managed IT Services from The Fulcrum Group No one thinks they are a target. Until they are.  Verizon’s Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) shares some great analysis about security facts and figures that are helpful to protect our organizations. Their research showed 61% of the 2016 victims were businesses with under 1,000 users.  That means many Dallas Fort Worth small businesses are a target. That’s where SPOT Shield Managed IT Security Services comes in. SPOT Shield Managed IT Security Services is an add-on to your SPOT Managed IT Services agreement. Making IT Security Easier SPOT Shield Managed IT Security Services adds layers of on-going IT security services to your SPOT Managed IT Services agreement.  We reduce the IT security risk for your organization so you can stay focused on doing what you do best – running your business. Our fixed price SPOT Shield Managed IT Security Services ensure that all of your IT security needs are covered, and you’ll know exactly how much it costs each month. What’s In It For You? Continuous Security Training - SPOT Shield Managed IT Security Services includes unlimited employee security awareness training.  Ongoing employee security awareness training keeps IT security top of mind for your employees. Simulated Phishing Attack Platform - SPOT Shield Managed IT Security Services includes our simulated phishing attack platform so that you can test employees for IT security awareness.  You can track and report on employee actions, and if a simulated attack is successful, the employee is redirected immediately to additional training. Breach Protection Portal SPOT Shield Managed IT Security Services includes our Breach Protection Portal, which has a variety of tools available for your use.
  • On-demand employee security awareness training and tracking
  • IT Policies & Disaster Recovery Plan Tracking
  • Access to additional security document templates
  • Security Breach/Incident Tracking
  • Optional Breach Protection and Response ($100K financial protection, plus breach response services such as breach forensics and credit monitoring)
If you’d like to take your IT security to the next level, reach out to your Fulcrum Group Account Manager for more details or give us a shout at 817.337.0300.
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