February News:

On The Calendar February at The Fulcrum Group
  • The Fulcrum Group is hosting 2 Cybersecurity Lunch & Learn events end of this month!
  • February 27th at Ruth's Chris Steak House in downtown Fort Worth and February 28th at Ruth's Chris Steak House in north Dallas.
  • Same info, 2 different locations - pick the one most convenient to you!
  • Don't miss your chance to win a Bitdefender Box!
Steak Your Claim On Cybersecurity while enjoying fabulous Ruth's Chris steak lunches on us and learning about Cybersecurity essentials for Executives. One of the essentials to shoring up your organization's cybersecurity is education and training of everyone from executives to management and support staff.  See our news article below to learn where this security strategy could have saved a local school district from one of the most common cyber scams. Check out our Events page for the details of the luncheons and RSVP right now. North Texas MGMA Quarterly Luncheon The Fulcrum Group will be presenting "How IT Can Help You Achieve HIPAA Compliance" at March's North Texas MGMA Quarterly Luncheon on March 6th at Las Colinas Country Club. Register to attend here. We'll let you know about any additional upcoming special events through our social media pages, which we'll update on our Events page as they occur. Quick links to our social media pages are accessible right from our website and in every monthly newsletter email you receive from us. If you're new to our newsletter and you'd like to subscribe, let us know.
What is Security Operations Center as a Service, and Why Do I Need it? Security Operations Center as a Service at The Fulcrum Group A Security Operation Center (SOC) is the most essential element of modern security. But SOCs are expensive, complicated, and far beyond the reach of most small to midsize enterprises. So, many take the easy route and invest in cybersecurity products such as Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) but investment in new security products is no guarantee of security. Fulcrum Group partners with Arctic Wolf to provide SOC-as-a-Service through it’s AWN CyberSOC Service.   AWN CyberSOC differs from traditional managed security services. It is a dynamic combination of world-class Concierge Security™ team (CST), advanced machine learning, and comprehensive, up-to-the-minute threat intelligence. Your CST conducts both routine and non-routine tasks to protect you from known and emerging threats. AWN CyberSOC Service Capabilities include:
  • Dedicated Security Expert
  • Managed Detection & Response
  • Replaces your existing SIEM (if you have one)
  • Helps with Regulatory Compliance
  • Behavioral Analytics
  • Real-Time Alerting of Security Events
  • Log Analysis with Machine Learning
  • Vulnerability Scans
Contact your Fulcrum Group Account Manager for a free demo of Arctic Wolf AWN CyberSOC Service. Why Do I need SOC-as-a-Service?
  • If you’ve been hit by a cyberattack – most cyberattacks go undiscovered for 100+ days
  • If you have compliance needs such as PCI, HIPAA, or NIST
  • If you don’t have dedicated cybersecurity experts on staff – the cost of hiring and retaining cybersecurity experts is beyond the reach of most small to midsized businesses
  • If you’re concerned about the risks of a data breach, ransomware, phishing, or other cyberattacks

Security Alert: Increase in Social Engineering Combined with Spear Phishing Cybersecurity Spear Phishing We’ve detailed the seemingly countless varieties of cybersecurity attacks to hit businesses and organizations over the past few years many times in our Fulcrum Group blogmonthly e-newsletters and in our SPOTDFW.com blog (our site specifically geared to technology issues top of mind for executives, business owners and managers). November’s almost two million dollar breach of Crowley ISD’s accounting department — originated from a one-two punch of malicious intent known as “social engineering” (the use of deception to manipulate individuals into divulging confidential or personal information that may be used for fraudulent purposes) and “spear phishing” (the fraudulent practice of sending emails ostensibly from a known or trusted sender in order to induce targeted individuals to reveal confidential information). Even as complex-sounding as this compromise seems, this type of security breach is completely preventable with the execution of of our most important cybersecurity front-line defenses – education and training of staff!  Here is the recent Fort Worth Star Telegram article detailing how this security compromise occurred. How You Can Protect Yourself & Your Organization:
  • When it comes to monetary transactions, especially those that exceed certain thresholds, make sure to have a processes in place that include verification and authorization of not only sending monetary transactions, but also modifying account information.
  • Use common sense when it comes to making decisions about how to handle email and phone requests.  If there isn’t a process in place to cover the request, then your initial response should be caution, and involve phone or in-person verification of requests.
  • Educate yourself and your management staff.  A great start is attending one of our two lunchtime events coming up later this month!  The Fulcrum Group is holding 2 lunchtime events around cybersecurity issues as they relate to executives and business owners at the end of February – one luncheon in Dallas, the other in Fort Worth – both will present the same information.
See our Events page for more Lunch & Learn details and to register.  If you are an executive, you should be familiar with managing this type of security on your organization’s behalf. If you need to know where to start, this luncheon is a great place to learn and get the answers you need from our cybersecurity experts, over a delicious Ruth’s Chris lunch. Hope to see you!
Security Awareness at The Fulcrum Group

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Cybersecurity SPOTlight:  3 Reasons Why Execs Should Participate in Security Awareness Training Did you know that those at the top of an organization’s hierarchy happen to pose the most risk to the organization? A higher level of access adds a higher level of responsibility. If a criminal were to compromise your access or your account, they’d unleash a world of complications that could lead to a massive data breach. That’s why it’s so important for executives and management to apply their leadership skills to security awareness. Here are 3 reasons why executives should participate in Security Awareness Training: 1.  YOU ARE A TOP TARGET. For obvious reasons, cyber criminals love to target high-level employees because said employees hold the most keys and can unlock some profitable doors. 2. TO LEAD BY EXAMPLE. By participating in your organization’s awareness program, you send a message to your employees that security is of the utmost importance, and no one is excused from following the policies and procedures in place. Plus, it keeps you in the loop with your employees’ current awareness training as well as its evolution going forward. 3. LEARNING NEVER STOPS. Not only is regular participation in training a great way to establish good cyber hygiene, it also keeps you abreast of current threats that your organization faces. For more great cybersecurity tips, be sure to browse our new Security Awareness Newsletter! Tell us what you think about this great way to share focused advice for business owners, executives and managers.
  Vistage Executive News - Top Takeaways from Vistage CEO Projections for 2019 Vistage Executive News Vistage polls its members every quarter to compile its quarterly Vistage CEO Confidence Index.  The Q4 survey polled 1257 CEOs, with 70% responding that they expect rising revenues.  However, only 14% expect that the economy will improve in 2019, a significant decrease from last year. Key Takeaway # 1 - CEO Optimism has dropped following business cycle peak, pointing to economic uncertainty. Key Takeaway # 2 - CEOs will focus on talent, customers, and financials in 2019. Key Takeaway # 3 - CEOs will hire expansively in 2019. Key Takeaway #4 - CEOs will make investments in expansion and efficiency. Key Takeaway # 5 - CEOs will invest in technology to improve operations. Key Takeaway # 6 - CEOs will prioritize cash flow management as the economy softens and costs rise. Ready the entire Vistage CEO Projections for 2019 HERE.
Fulcrum Group Did You Know Did You Know...? SPOT Managed IT Services Includes End User Security Awareness Training Did you know that SPOT Managed IT Services includes end user security awareness training at no extra charge?  Reach out to your Fulcrum Group Account Manager if you're not already a SPOT client!