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On The CalendarAugust at The Fulcrum Group

Hope you had the chance to join us in our latest virtual events - if you missed either, get the scoop below!

What:  Fulcrum Group Bi-Weekly Microsoft Teams Tips & Tricks Microsoft Teams Tips & Tricks

When:  Every other Thursday 2:00 pm

Description:  Every other Thursday we’ll have a 30 minute Microsoft Teams Tips & Tricks meeting, sharing some of our favorite tips & tricks, using Microsoft Teams in your environment.

Who is this for?  Fulcrum Group team members and Fulcrum Group clients’ team members

Note:  You can view the volumes of recorded sessions that have been added to our Playlist from our Events page. 

If interested in attending the next Teams Tips & Tricks meeting, reach out to to be added to the calendar appt of the next session.

Virtual Cloud Security Lunch & LearnIn case you missed it...

In July, we hosted the Fulcrum Group Microsoft Cloud Security Virtual Lunch & Learn, enjoyed a discussion on cybersecurity for Microsoft 365 via Microsoft Teams and lunched together, virtually, via Doordash!

Congrats to Amy McMinn of Cross Resource Group for winning the $250 Amazon gift card!  If you weren't able to make it, no worries - view the presentation, here.  Slides available on our Media Page under Media For Executives, or right here. .

During this Coronavirus Pandemic, while we're learning to manage remote teams and implementing new best practices and managing various life challenges along with work, always feel free to check in with our extra-helpful Extraordinary Times blog series, for great, useable-now tips, sanity-savers and life and work hacks. These include some great strategies to use yourself and/or pass on to colleagues. 

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Microsoft Business Voice - Pros & Cons

Microsoft Teams Business Voice

Microsoft Teams Business Voice is an easy add-on to your Microsoft 365 or Office 365 subscription.  It adds Cloud PBX functionality to your Microsoft Teams environment, and can work with your smart phone, your desktop or laptop computer, or even traditional desktop IP phones.


There is a good list of pros for moving to Microsoft Teams Business Voice.

  • You can port your phone numbers to Microsoft Teams Business Voice.
  • You can use a desk phone or the Microsoft Teams client on your desktop/laptop/smartphone.
  • Microsoft Teams Business Voice has many (but not all) features that typical phone systems have.
  • Audio conferencing functionality is awesome, and includes both computer-based and phone-based conferencing.


While there are several good reasons to implement Microsoft Teams Business Voice, there are a few reasons that you might want to wait.

  • Microsoft Teams Business Voice has many (but not all) features that typical phone systems have.  More features are on the roadmap.
  • Few Microsoft Partners are ready to deploy and support Microsoft Teams Business voice.
  • Cost could be a concern if your on-premises system is paid for and still supported.

Bottom line is that while Microsoft Teams Business Voice is an up and comer in the Cloud PBX market, it will likely be 2021 before you begin to see widespread adoption.

Adding Audio Conferencing To Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams Audio Conferencing

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If you’re like most people, you have become proficient at virtual meetings using Microsoft Teams.  You’ve also probably ran into a few participants in your virtual meetings that weren’t able to attend because they didn’t have speakers or a microphone on their computing device.  There’s a solution to that problem, and it is Microsoft Teams Audio Conferencing.

Microsoft Teams Audio Conferencing allows attendees to dial into a conference bridge for the audio portion of the Teams virtual meeting.  Below are more details on how it works:

  • Cost:  $6 per user per month for local audio conferencing.
  • Only those who hosting the meeting have to have the Microsoft Teams Audio Conferencing license.
  • Choose a local phone number for your conference bridge at no extra cost.
  • Choose a toll free number; there are monthly costs for the toll free number and per minute costs for incoming toll free calls.
  • Assign Microsoft Teams Audio Conferencing licenses to users, and their Outlook client will automatically update within 24 hours to include the audio conference bridge information.

Still not clear on how Microsoft Teams Audio Conferencing works, reach out to your Fulcrum Group Fractional CIO for more details.

August Security Awareness Newsletter

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Cybersecurity SPOTlight: A Scammer's Toolkit

We've rounded up a good review of the latest security threats, and what to do to avoid them - in this month's Cybersecurity Awareness Newsletter.

As always, feel free to reach out to us if you have questions.

Vistage Executive News - 4 Major Pandemic Challenges Facing Leaders and How to Solve Them

Vistage Executive Group

Here's a summary of 4 common challenges during the Coronavirus Pandemic, reported by leaders in the Q2 2020 Vistage Confidence Index Survey - and some approaches to overcome them while continuing toward recovery:

  1. Maintaining & Building Morale with Teams & Employees Stress, burnout and motivation challenges are threats to your organization.  Encouraging team members to break appropriately continues to be a good strategy - and as we recover, your priorities should include keeping employees focused and positive, avoiding executive burnout, and inspiring the organization despite continued uncertainty.
  2. Workspace Concerns Returning to the workplace, prioritized health and safety concerns, even new demands for remote options will be top of mind for leadership.
  3. Growth To reboot growth, leaders have to really understand the status of their market and the change in buyer needs, wants, and behaviors based on the level of devastation they've experienced. New products and services have evolved during this crisis and about half of those innovations are expected to become permanent. Flexibility with changing customer behaviors and shaping messages that connect to their new reality will be essential in accelerating growth.
  4. Uncertainty Undercutting everything is uncertainty. Key to making sound business decisions going forward is seeking multiple perspectives, adding them to instinct and judgment, and then making the best possible decision. Being prepared to pivot to what the information, data, and your instincts tell you is critical. And prepare for that path to change again and again.

For the article in its entirety, go here.

Fulcrum Group Did You Know

Did You Know...? Microsoft Teams Deployment

Did you know...The Fulcrum Group can help you deploy, configure, secure, manage, and train you on your Microsoft Teams deployment?  Reach out to us if we can help!