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What's Up For August - Back To School Tips If you're new to our newsletter and you'd like to subscribe, contact us right now! Back to school is the name of the game for August. Since many of us have school-aged kids, we thought we'd share a handful of back to school tips this month:August calendar for The Fulcrum Group
  • In searching for some great back to school tech to share, I came across 13 good tips to help get the household, parents and the kids back into the dreaded school-routine mindset.
  • If you have a pre-teen or a teenager in the house, you might be familiar with the sometimes-steep challenge of helping them learn to manage all their duties and responsibilities. Here's a great resource - although it comes from the National Center for Learning Disabilities, these offer a good mix of tech-based and no-tech, plain common sense ideas. Another tip:  When my teen was in middleschool, I printed out a plain old, month-view calendar; he'd add tasks, assignments, tests and projects due to a red spiral notebook during school hours, then log them into the "homework calendar" when he got home. Great tool, very low-tech.

A Quick Tour Of Our New Website   At The Fulcrum Group, we are constantly seeking ways to make the goals that support our mission – to become your trusted technology advisors – become a reality.    In order to become someone you really feel comfortable picking up the phone to talk to about a new technology or just for some quick advice, we want to make ourselves as readily available to you as we can and our new website makes that happen!Here’s a quick bullet list, highlighting some of our new features and how they can help you:
  • Sales ChatThe Fulcrum Group new website tour When you log onto , you may have noticed one of our Sales team is there right away , to greet you.  If you need help with a product, service, or just some quick advice, you’ll be speaking with someone who knows – or is happy to find out and get back to you immediately.
  • Request a Call– If you’d prefer to get right to the source, you can drop in your name and phone number and we’ll call you right away.
  • Remote Support- If you’re a Fulcrum Group client and you need remote tech support, call our help desk at 817.898.1277 to get your invitation code. To start the remote support process, click the “Get remote tech support” link and enter your code in the SPOT Connect remote support tool to begin your session.
 Other points of interest on our site and new features include: Information request from The Fulcrum Group, Dallas Fort Worth Managed Services Like what you see? Then check out our SPOT Managed Website service.  Our professionals can design/redesign, optimize and manage your website, plus set up, customize and even manage your social media and online marketing!  Contact us if your website and online marketing need a little summertime ‘refresh’.      
The Scoop On Our 3 Most Popular Cloud Services  The Fulcrum Group Cloud Services   We've shared much information with you on various cloud solutions available for small businesses and we and invite you to have a look at the cloud services portion of our website for a general overview and downloadable brochures on each solution.  For you this month, we've compiled a quick summary on 3 of our most popular cloud solutions:
  • SPOT Cloud Drive – Need anywhere, anytime, any device access to your files, but concerned that Dropbox won’t provide enough security?  SPOT Cloud Drive is for you.  SPOT Cloud Drive is centrally managed, so you know which employees have access to which files, so you can control and limit data leakage.  SPOT Cloud Drive is priced per user, regardless of how many computers, smart phones, or tablets they use.  And you can use the generous 100GB per user data storage to provide online backups to your user’s laptops and desktops.
  • SPOT Protect Backup & Disaster Recovery – If one of your critical servers crashed today, how long would it take you to recover it?  With traditional backups, you have to reinstall the OS, reinstall applications, and restore data, resulting in recovery times of 24-72 hours.  If you can’t afford to be down for 24-72 hours, or if you need to be able to recover from a true disaster, then SPOT Protect Backup & Disaster Recovery is for you.
  • SPOT Hosted Exchange – Need business critical email but don’t want to be responsible for buying, installing, and supporting email servers?  SPOT Hosted Exchange is for you.  SPOT Hosted Exchange is a cloud-based email service that provides you with all of the advanced workgroup functionality of Microsoft Exchange, without the capital expenditures and on-going costs for maintenance and backups.  And if you need advanced features like compliant email archiving or email encryption, don’t worry, SPOT has you covered.
If you are interested in how these cloud services can impact your business, reach out to us today to find out how your organization can save time, money and resources by utilizing cloud technologies.
Spotlight On...Jason Payne Jason with The Fulcrum Group   This month, we have 4 things we want you to know about Systems Engineer, Jason Payne:
  1. Solving issues for clients and making them happy come second nature to Jason; he describes his personality as open-minded, respectful and understanding.
  2. Jason is “no competition” when it comes to laser tag.  Our own Fernando Baton might want to take heed.
  3. Says Jason, “I can fix practically any smart phone.”
  4. Jason has expertise and knowledge in areas like Windows Server and basic networking.  He’s currently improving his knowledge in Virtualization and VOIP.
Did You Know...? SPOT Cloud Email FilteringInformation request from The Fulcrum Group, Dallas Fort Worth Managed Services   Did you know that SPOT Cloud Email Filtering includes email continuity at no extra charge?  Contact your Fulcrum Group Account Manager for more information on how SPOT Cloud Email Filtering can ensure your email is always available.Visit the SPOT Cloud Email Filtering page on our website for more details or contact us directly by clicking on the red More Info button.