It’s challenging for Dallas/Fort Worth small or medium-sized businesses to maintain a keen eye on their wallets and keep up with competitors when some of their most significant business investments – their Digium Switchvox or Cisco telephony, unified communications, and call center systems – are constantly changing.

That’s where SPOT Managed VOIP Services comes in. SPOT Managed VOIP Services is a complete VOIP support/maintenance solution that provides remote and on-site VOIP system support services, allowing you to stay focused on running your business.

Making VOIP Easier

SPOT Managed IT Services is your day to day VOIP system support. We take the risk out of your phone system for your organization so you can stay focused on doing what you do best – running your business. Our fixed price, “All You Can Eat” VOIP support services ensures that all of your VOIP system support needs are covered, and you’ll know exactly how much it costs each month.


Our Fulcrum – People, Processes, & Technology

At The Fulcrum Group, we recognize that when it comes to VOIP support, it is important that we have a great team of people, reliable, documented structured processes, and the business and technology tools needed to best manage our own offerings. Many of our competitors have proven weak in one or more of these areas. They might have great people, but struggle with standardized processes or lack the business and technical tools to efficiently run their own businesses.

  • People

The Fulcrum Group customizes our SPOT Managed VOIP Services agreement to the needs and requirements of each client. We provide more than just VOIP support – we also provide unified communications strategy, ensuring that your phone system is aligned with your business processes.

  • Processes

We believe that consistency in execution is key to The Fulcrum Group’s ability to provide excellent customer service across our entire customer base. We compile complete System Documentation for each customer, utilize Best Practices from our vendor partners, document “Lessons Learned” from completed projects, standardize our customers’ VOIP systems, and use our Semi-Annual Business Review process to ensure that your VOIP system is consistently aligned with your business processes.

  • Technology

The Fulcrum Group has invested time, money, and resources into implementing business and technical tools to help manage our customers’ VOIP systems. Our SPOT Network Monitoring platform allows us to proactively monitor and report on our customers’ VOIP systems. Our trouble ticketing system with Service Level Agreement ensures that all service requests are handled in a timely fashion. And our SPOT Network Monitoring system works hand in hand with our trouble ticketing system, automatically generating tickets when systems are down or when other issues occur. These integrated systems ensure that The Fulcrum Group is proactively managing and monitoring your IT environment.

What’s In It For You?

  • Flat Rate VOIP Support

SPOT Managed IT Services is fixed fee pricing, providing a predictable budget. It includes unlimited remote help desk support and regularly scheduled on-site support, along with automated ticket generation and escalation. We even include emergency VOIP server recovery at no extra charge and a free loaner VOIP server in the event of a server outage. All for one fixed monthly cost.

  • Managed Services

SPOT Network Monitoring runs 24×7 and provides immediate alerting and real time reporting and trending. Our Semi-Annual Business Reviews ensures that your VOIP system consistently matches your business goals. Our goal is to be PROACTIVE, not reactive, when it comes to your VOIP system support. Insuring maximum uptime for critical VOIP systems.

  • Vendor Management

The Fulcrum Group becomes your liaison for all of your telecommunications’ vendors. We provide a “single neck to choke” when it comes to accountability. No matter what the issue, or the telecommunications vendor responsible, you make one phone call – to The Fulcrum Group. This eliminates finger pointing and frees you up to run your business, rather than chasing after the source of a VOIP system problem, or sitting on hold waiting for your telecom carrier’s tech support.