IT Support Dallas

Does your organization need IT support in the Dallas area? You can call our team on the number at the top of the page to arrange a face-to-face meeting or video meeting. Read on to learn about our firm and determine if we might be a good fit for a service partnership.

Does our IT Support Dallas Fit Your Needs

Every IT vendor is different. Some focus on help desk and reacting to issues. They are usually low-cost providers and if you see technology as a cost center, that we are not the better fit. We focus on firms that see technology as key to their operations, a way to drive efficiency and as a tool for enabling their employees to accomplish more.

Our value is aligning technology to workflow and developing a plan for evolution.


Business history breeds trust

Anyone can put up an attractive tech support website. Look for success clues like actual offices, length of time in business and core values.


Emotional intelligence shows caring

IT support can be stressful. Life is easier when people treat you as people. Does it sound like the person on the other end of the line cares about you?


Management metrics drive consistency

One of your best gauges for IT support management is understanding metrics. You can learn a lot based on what the firm chooses to measure and manage.


Service processes signal quality

Standards and structure are key to good service organizations. Ask potential partners for sample SOPs or templates around onboarding, gap assessments or similar to see a culture of discipline.


Vendor relationships show experience

Vendors like Microsoft, Cisco, Dell, VMware and others have standards for service partners. Firms without significant relationships might not be able to meet some of your requirements.


Communication skills are key

Ask the IT outsourcing firm for what their meeting rhythm is. Can you reach someone on the phone any day you call? Is the top executive engaged in the business?

What is your definition of IT Support?

There are actually four types of IT work in IT support. Some firms focus on the least value add, Unplanned Work. Here is a quick overview of the four types and how they fit into true IT support. If you are focused on low cost, you only get Unplanned Work, which is the non-value add part of IT Support.

  • Business Projects - Direct link to processes and revenue or profitability. Ex. Integrating 2 applications, adding features, creating dashboards.
  • Operational Change - Adjusting technology to business needs. Ex. OS updates, infrastructure changes and similar.
  • Internal IT projects - Driven by IT but may not directly impact business outcomes. Ex. New PCs, moving to the cloud and security initiatives.
  • Unplanned Work - Correcting defects, network issues and daily end user support. Ex. Reset passwords, install software or email issues.

Learn more about our other Services


SPOT Managed Security Services

Outsourced service arrangement for technology strategy (our STAR Power process), maintaining the network and providing user support


SPOT Managed IT Services

Baseline security is part of our managed IT services offering. Some organizations need even more for compliance, or for other reasons.


Office 365 Modern Workplace

Much more than just email, Office 365 can add much more than any organization. Microsoft Teams, OneDrive and Sharepoint are just the tip of the spear.


Technology Projects

Our Professional Services team members can scope out a variety of solutions is a project, deliver it and provide you the keys to maintain it, if you prefer. Here is one of them.

Who We Serve

Some of the industries we have had the most success with include

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