Are you struggling to keep up with the daily technical demands of your local government agency?

For many local government agencies, managing the daily technology grind can be time-consuming and overwhelming. You’re busy with the day-to-day management of your local government agency, which means you can’t always stop to figure out the technology that supports it. There’s too much to know.

While technology can enable your local government agency to do more, without the right support and expertise, it becomes a hassle.

You should be able to focus on future planning without worrying about the critical technology needs of your daily operations.


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Eliminate the Tech Management Headache
with The Fulcrum Group


Gain control of your environment

You can stop worrying about what you don’t know


Run your business with confidence

You can feel at ease knowing you’ve reduced major risks and interruptions


Get more done

You and your team can operate more efficiently


The Fulcrum Group Makes Running
Your Network Easier

With a no-hassle approach, our SPOT Managed IT Services is the outsourcing solution that leads to technology success. With our proactive efforts, security, and future planning, you’ll have certainty about the direction of your technology. You can count on having a predictable budget with Spot’s simple per-user pricing, regardless of endpoints.

We know how hard it is for a local government agency to manage it all

Technology moves faster than most small local government agencies can manage on their own. Without the right support in place, you run the risk of leaving critical processes left unattended, like security and Public Safety CJIS compliance. We understand the stress City Managers face to keep up and the expectation to be an expert in everything. It can put a great deal of pressure on daily operations and prevent you from the success you are working hard to achieve.

With over 18 years in business, we’ve seen and managed almost every technical challenge a local government agency will face. Our in-house security expertise, standards-based approach, and certifications around key technologies such as Cloud, Cybersecurity, and Internet of Things has led us to create a proven process that we’ve used to deliver Technology Success to hundreds of businesses and local government agencies.


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Here’s How You Can get Your Technology Environment Under Control

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Once we know your IT needs and goals, we’ll give you our proven plan and process for aligning technology to your business goals, while giving you time back to focus on your business.

You breathe easy as your IT runs efficiently with our SPOT Managed IT Services, freeing you up to keep driving your business strategy forward.

Proper technology systems support means better business!

  • Fewer interruptions from better results
  • Get time and focus back on your calendar
  • Have more time to focus on building your business by executing current strategies and developing new ones
  • Reduced cybersecurity risks means less worry
  • Lead your team to adopt new technologies with a partner you trust to guide you through it
  • Keep your team happy and efficient with IT that just works

Are You Tired of Always Worrying About
Your Computer Systems?

We know how valuable your resources are and how important it is for your business to have platform systems that work and keep your critical data safe. No matter what technical challenges your business is facing, we can make things simple and efficient for you.

It’s time to feel great about what technology is doing to help grow your business.

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