How Supervisors Can Recognize & Support Their Remote Employees

Recognizing and supporting remote employees

Your remote employees need you.  They need your guidance, experience, and feedback.  As they are often the least experienced person in a meeting, they may not feel comfortable speaking up to share their opinion and ideas.  As a Supervisor of remote employees, there are 4 easy steps you can take to ensure that your remote employees feel supported and have confidence to participate more effectively in meetings and work flow.

Step 1 – Recognize your remote employees in meetings

During virtual meetings, it’s easy for your remote employees to feel invisible.  So if they have a great idea or accomplished something that goes beyond just doing their job, make sure to mention it to the team and give that remote employee the praise they deserve. 

Step 2 – Recommend your remote employees for assignments or group projects

When you see a remote employee stepping up, give them more challenges so that they can continue to show their value to the team and company. 

Step 3 – Nominate your remote employees for awards

If your company has various awards, and you have remote employees who are doing a great job, then nominate them for one of these awards.  Let them know in advance that you’re nominating them.  Even if they don’t win, their visibility within the team and company will be raised.

Step 4 – Recognize their work on social media

If you value and take pride in your remote employee’s work and accomplishments, let the world know through social media.  A post on LinkedIn and/or Twitter that includes details about the accomplishment and a picture of the remote employee can help them in their career in the long-term.

As a supervisor, getting the most out of remote employees can be a challenge.  Help by giving them praise and mentorship.  Ultimately it will pay off for you and the company.

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