Fulcrum Group Success Stories

Check out these success stories and case studies with some of our clients to see how we help solve business issues.

Bass Performance Hall Advances Ticket Ordering System with Digium Switchvox and Network Infrastructure Upgrade

Our SPOT Managed IT support helped drive 40% revenue growth while only hiring 2 new employees at medical device vendor.

Our SPOT Managed IT support helped client link to remote office, stabilize PCs in retail environment.

Our advanced support helps rescue local First Responder (and handled emergency virtualization, SAN, security and business continuity needs).

Our outsourced support arrangement has kept technology costs low and improved services for non-profit organization, so they can focus on serving others.

Fulcrum helps the oldest zoo in Texas update their network and arrange special pricing for the large infrastructure project.

Long relationship has helped firm through growth, restructure and growth again, and helped revamp outdated systems.

Low cost Storage Area Network network helps client handle huge data growth.

Fulcrum selects D-link switches as alternative to certain smaller clients.

IP Storage Area Network (SAN) helps government entity control rapidly growing storage needs and augment fiber SAN.