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Fulcrum Group 2018 – February Newsletter
On The Calendar | Cisco Meraki Overview | What Is SD-WAN? | Spotlight On…The Fulcrum Group Latest Achievements | More Than Tech Tips: Keeping It Positive | Fulcrum Group Did You Know…? Meraki Weekly Webinar Offer


Fulcrum Group 2018 – January Newsletter
On The Calendar | 6 IT Security Trends for 2018 | SPOT Shield Managed IT Security Services | Spotlight On…Backup Solutions Guide From The Fulcrum Group | More Than Tech Tips: Top Productivity Tips for 2018 | Fulcrum Group Did You Know…?


Fulcrum Group 2017 – December Newsletter
On The Calendar | A Backup Solutions Review From The Fulcrum Group | The Annual Fulcrum Group Holiday Wishlist | Spotlight On…LG Stylo 3 Plus | More Than Tech Tips: Crazy Cubicles & Festive Office Decor | Fulcrum Group Did You Know…? Free Backup Audit


Fulcrum Group 2017 – November Newsletter
On The Calendar | Top 5 Reasons To Complete A Business Impact Analysis | Fulcrum Group & Webroot – Improving End User Security | Spotlight On…Meet Our New Client Experience Manager, James Bryan | More Than Tech Tips: Are You Taking The Section 179 Tax Deduction? | Fulcrum Group Did You Know…? Business Impact Assessment


Fulcrum Group 2017 – October Newsletter
On The Calendar | Top 10 Tips For Your IT Budgeting | Cyber Security Resource Roundup | Spotlight On…Digium D80 Executive Phone Special Pricing & WalkThrough | More Than Tech Tips: Recent Security Alerts | Fulcrum Group Did You Know…? SPOT Managed IT Services


Fulcrum Group 2017 – September Newsletter
On The Calendar | SPOT Shield Helps Protect Your Business Against Cyber Security Threats | 5 Best Network Security Things You Should Be Doing | Spotlight On…Dedric Hill | More Than Tech Tips: The Equifax Security Breach – How To Protect Yourselves | Fulcrum Group Did You Know…? SPOT Shield Managed IT Security Services Add-On


Fulcrum Group 2017 – August Newsletter
On The Calendar | A Layered Approach To Security | Cisco vs. SonicWALL Firewall Smackdown | Spotlight On…Brandon Singh | More Than Tech Tips: What Is Smishing? | Fulcrum Group Did You Know…? IT Security Assessments


Fulcrum Group 2017 – July Newsletter
On The Calendar | How To Create Effective IT Policies | Your Surprising First Line of Cyber Security Defense | Spotlight On…Tips To Keep Kids Safe Online This Summer | More Than Tech Tips: What We’re Reading Now | Fulcrum Group Did You Know…? Creating Your Business IT Policies


Fulcrum Group 2017 – June Newsletter
On The Calendar | Make Your IT Easier With Automation | How To Use @Mentions To Improve Your Email Efficiency | Spotlight On…Recent Security Alerts To Be Aware Of | More Than Tech Tips: How To Setup Outlook On An Android Device | Fulcrum Group Did You Know…? Automated Windows Patch Management


Fulcrum Group 2017 – May Newsletter
On The Calendar | Top 5 Benefits of VCIO Services for SMBs | Why Your IT Equipment Does Not Belong In The Mop Closet | Spotlight On…Fulcrum Group Monthly Webinar Series | More Than Tech Tips: Good Intentions OK.  Documented, Repeatable Processes, Better. | Fulcrum Group Did You Know…? VCIO Services


Fulcrum Group 2017 – April Newsletter
On The Calendar | 8 Steps For Successfully Managing Your IT Vendors| What The Recent FCC Privacy Rules Repeal Means For You | Spotlight On…Josh Shepherd | More Than Tech Tips: Driving Success Through Employee Happiness | Fulcrum Group Did You Know…? IT Vendor Management


Fulcrum Group 2017 – March Newsletter
On The Calendar | 5 Steps To Improving Email Security | Arnold Schwarznegger is an IT Security Genius | Spotlight On…Dale Hauser New Fulcrum Group VCIO | More Than Tech Tips: Favorite Podcasts | Fulcrum Group Did You Know…? SPOT Email Security


Fulcrum Group 2017 – February Newsletter
On The Calendar | 8 Steps For Creating A Disaster Recovery Solution & Plan | New Year, New People Strategy | Spotlight On…SPOT Protect Backup & Disaster Recovery Solution | More Than Tech Tips: Some Golden Book Nuggets We Love | Fulcrum Group Did You Know…? SPOT Protect Server Protection


Fulcrum Group 2017 – January Newsletter
On The Calendar | Experiencing Success With…Office 365 | The Importance of Offsite Backup | Spotlight On…Jason Kramer | More Than Tech Tips: The Fulcrum Group Service Innovation | Fulcrum Group Did You Know…? Storage, Server & Backups: Mavs Suite Night


Fulcrum Group 2016 – December Newsletter
On The Calendar | 2016 Holiday Tech (And Other Fun Stuff) Wishlist | How To Select A New Internet/Voice Provider | Spotlight On…David Shinkle | More Than Tech Tips: About The Data Amazon Echo & Google Home Collects From Your Environment | Fulcrum Group Did You Know…? Fulcrum Group is an Internet/Voice Provider


Fulcrum Group 2016 – November Newsletter
On The Calendar | Tech Support Scam Alert | Switchvox Cloud | Spotlight On…Mark Bullock | More Than Tech Tips: Survival Tips for a Post-Election Thanksgiving | Fulcrum Group Did You Know…? New Digium Phones


Fulcrum Group 2016 – October Newsletter
On The Calendar | Top Trends in IT for SMBs | Cyber Security Tips For You | Spotlight On…Doug Henderson | More Than Tech Tips: Sanctuary Time | Fulcrum Group Did You Know…? Kari’s Law


Fulcrum Group 2016 – September Newsletter
On The Calendar | Boost Your Organization’s Productivity in The Cloud With These 5 Tips | Windows 10 Anniversary Update | Spotlight On…How To Avoid Being Phished | More Than Tech Tips: Hashtags & How To Use Them In Social Media | Fulcrum Group Did You Know…? SPOT Protect Cloud Backup for Servers


Fulcrum Group 2016 – August Newsletter
On The Calendar | IT Planning & Budgeting Tip: Guidelines For Refreshing Your Business Technology | Nimble Vs. Dell Compellent SAN Smackdown | Spotlight On…SPOT Grows Up! | More Than Tech Tips: Qualities of Exceptional Employees | Fulcrum Group Did You Know…? What is a SAN?


Fulcrum Group 2016 – July Newsletter
On The Calendar | Free Upgrade To Windows 10 Ends July 29th! | HyperV vs VMWare Smackdown | Spotlight On…Keeping Your Computer Equipment Performing Optimally | More Than Tech Tips: Celebrate Summer In Your Office | Fulcrum Group Did You Know…? Save Big With Windows 2012 R2 DataCenter


Fulcrum Group 2016 – June Newsletter
On The Calendar | Tune Up Your PC With These Tips! | 3 Ways Cloud Technology Can Save You Time | Spotlight On…Switchvox 6.2 | More Than Tech Tips: What Successful People Do After Work | Fulcrum Group Did You Know…? Cloud Services Offer Less Risk of Attack


Fulcrum Group 2016 – May Newsletter
On The Calendar | Still Holding Out On Adopting Office 365? | Section 179 – What Is It And How Does It Work? | Spotlight On…How To Avoid Phishing Attacks | More Than Tech Tips: 9 Easy Social Media Marketing Tips & Tools | Fulcrum Group Did You Know…? Office 365 Plans


Fulcrum Group 2016 – April Newsletter
On The Calendar | The Fulcrum Group Fitness Focus | Robert Curtis Assists in Building Lonestar Veterans Association Chapter | Spotlight On…SonicWall Firewalls and High Internet Availability | More Than Tech Tips: Got Stress? Try These Great Tips To Deal With It In The Workplace | Fulcrum Group Did You Know…? 6 Ways VOIP Can Save Your Business Money


Fulcrum Group 2016 – March Newsletter
On The Calendar | Tis the Season for Tax Scams | Thinking of Switching IT Providers? | Spotlight On…Cisco’s Next-Gen Firewall – ASA with Firepower | More Than Tech Tips: How To Deal With Micromanaging | Fulcrum Group Did You Know…? Your Best Help Desk Experience


Fulcrum Group 2016 – February Newsletter
On The Calendar | Workstation Backups & Security: The Ransomware Threat | Here’s What To Do With Your Old Office Equipment | Spotlight On…Stephen Dunfee | More Than Tech Tips: These Tiny Habits Have Changed Lives | Fulcrum Group Did You Know…? Alarming New Malware Stats


Fulcrum Group 2016 – January Newsletter
On The Calendar | Technology Trends: What To Expect in 2016 | 2 Great Tax Opportunities for Small Business | Spotlight On…Dale Hauser |More Than Tech Tips: Tweak Some Habits For An Awesome New Year | Fulcrum Group Did You Know…? Antivirus Best Practices |


Fulcrum Group 2015 – December Newsletter
On The Calendar | Fulcrum Favorite Tech Things | Internet Explorer End of Life in January | Spotlight On…SPOT Protect | Tech Tip: Do More With These Tips From Google | Fulcrum Group Did You Know…? Office 365 Special Offer |


Fulcrum Group 2015 – November Newsletter
What’s New? | Are We Having Holiday Fun Yet? | SPOTlight On…VoIP For Business Owners | Tech Tip: Check Your Tone | Fulcrum Group Did You Know…? Switchvox 6.1 |


Fulcrum Group 2015 – October Newsletter
What’s New? | A Few Fun Cyber Security Resources For You | 7 Questions CEOs Should Ask About Cyber Safety | Spotlight On…Jerry Craven | Tech Tip: Test Your Cyber Security IQ | Fulcrum Group Did You Know…? How To Identify Email/Security Hoaxes & Urban Legends |


Fulcrum Group 2015 – September Newsletter
On The Calendar | Which Version of Office 365 Fits Your Biz Best? | Better Office Collaboration | Spotlight On…Josh Casas | Tech Tip: Office 365 Search Bar | Fulcrum Group Did You Know…? Office 365 & HIPAA |


Fulcrum Group 2015 – August Newsletter
On The Calendar | Fulcrum Group Win 10 Review by Tyson Rasanen | Switchvox 6.0 | Spotlight On…Tony Wood | Tech Tip: Email Security Awareness Quiz | Fulcrum Group Did You Know…? Softphone for iPhone |


Fulcrum Group 2015 – July Newsletter
On The Calendar | What is meant by “Next-Gen” Firewall? | How To Engage The Fulcrum Group For A Security Assessment | Spotlight On…Scott Chadwick | Tech Tip: How To Clear A Ton of Storage Space On Your iPhone | Fulcrum Group Did You Know…? Docusign |


Fulcrum Group 2015 – June Newsletter
On The Calendar | Is Your Network Being Compromised? | Employee Appreciation Tips | Spotlight On…John Martinez | Tech Tips: Staying Safe On Social Media Sites | Fulcrum Group Did You Know…? Fulcrum Group Fun|


Fulcrum Group 2015 – May Newsletter
On The Calendar | Our Best Business Productivity Tips | Cybersecurity for Executives | Spotlight On…CompTIA Trustmark Certification | Tech Tips: Some Good Cybersecurity Resources For You | Fulcrum Group Did You Know…? Veeam Fully Supports VMware VSphere 6 |


Fulcrum Group 2015 – April Newsletter
On The Calendar | Don’t Let A Disaster Be Your First Backup Test! | The Time Is Now To Try Windows Server 2012 | Spotlight On…Pete Lopez | Tech Tips: 3 (or so) Things To Know About Malware | Fulcrum Group Did You Know…? FREE Backup Audit |


Fulcrum Group 2015 – March Newsletter
On The Calendar | Interesting Trends in IT Staffing & Budgeting | A Complete Virtualization Solution | Spotlight On…Robert Curtis | Tech Tips: Some Resources for you on Superfish and the FREAK Flaw | Fulcrum Group Did You Know…? FREE SPOT Check Network Assessment |


Fulcrum Group 2015 – February Newsletter
On The Calendar | Top 5 Technology Updates That Should Be On Your Radar | Windows Server 2003 End of Life | Spotlight On…Fulcrum Group’s Free Telecom Audit Service | Tech Tips: Test Your Internet Speed | Fulcrum Group Did You Know…? Have You Outgrown Your Internet Connection? |

Fulcrum Group 2015 – January Newsletter

On The Calendar | IT Trends for 2015 | These Smart Phones Are Tops | Spotlight On…Greg Spicer | Tech Tips: Sony’s Holiday Hack is a Good Reminder | Fulcrum Group Did You Know…? Replacing Your Windows 2003 Servers |

Fulcrum Group 2014- December Newsletter

On The Calendar | The Fulcrum Group Annual Holiday Wishlist | Our Holiday Gift To You:  Manage That Email Inbox Once And For All | Spotlight On…Holiday Fun! |
Tech Tips: Seasonal Cyber Safety | Fulcrum Group Did You Know…? Top 3 Small Biz Tech Solutions Of The Year |

Fulcrum Group 2014- November Newsletter

On The Calendar | Bringing Together Your Workforce, Data & Devices | A New Home For The Fulcrum Group | Spotlight On…David Holiman | Tech Tip: How To Live-screen Your Office Voicemail Using Switchvox | Fulcrum Group Did You Know…? – SPOT Cloud Drive |

Fulcrum Group 2014- October Newsletter
On The Calendar | What To Do Right Now To Protect Your Network From Current Threats | Why You Might Need a Security Audit | Spotlight On…Fulcrum’s Mystery News | Tech Tips: 7 Safety Tips From Hackers | Fulcrum Group Did You Know…? – Office 365 |

Fulcrum Group 2014- September Newsletter

On The Calendar | End of Year IT Planning | Moving Your Office Tips | Spotlight On…Maurice Estrello | Tech Tips: Recall an Outlook Email & Social Media Management |
Fulcrum Group Did You Know…? – FREE SPOT Check Network Assessment |

Fulcrum Group 2014 – August Newsletter

What’s Up For August? | A Quick Tour Of Our New Website | The Scoop On Our 3 Most Popular Cloud Services | Spotlight On…Jason Payne |
Fulcrum Group Did You Know…? – SPOT Cloud Email Filtering |

Fulcrum Group 2014 -July Newsletter

Mark Your Calendars…Where We’ll Be This Month | Spice Up Your Small Business Marketing This Summer | 5 Important Lessons I’ve Learned Along The Way, by Steve Meek | Spotlight On…Laura James | Fulcrum Group ‘Did You Know…?’ |

Fulcrum Group 2014- June Newsletter
Mark Your Calendars…Where We’ll Be This Month | Want A Truly Worry-Free Vacation? | You Might Be A Good Fit For SPOT Managed IT Services If… | Spotlight On…Aaron Wise | Fulcrum Group ‘Did You Know…?’ Ruckus WiFi Starter Kit Promo |

Fulcrum Group 2014 – May Newsletter
Mark Your Calendars…Where We’ll Be This Month & Next | Evaluating Your Company’s IT Security Strategy | Updates On The Latest Security News-Makers | Spotlight On…Russell Maxwell | Fulcrum Group ‘Did You Know…?’ – SPOT Check Network Assessment and Your IT Security Posture |