Page last updated – 9/29/2020

This page was created to keep all clients up to date on support and availability provided by The Fulcrum Group during the Coronavirus impact.

Letter from The Fulcrum Group President

Our President, Steve Meek, has drafted a letter we distributed to all clients on 3/17/2020.

Dear Client, As a fellow business owner, President of the Fulcrum Group and long-time Cybersecurity expert, I have been intently reading everything I can about the COVID-19/Coronavirus pandemic. We believe it is important for us to protect the people who make our companies work and ensure their safety and well-being. It is trying times for all of us and I simply want to reassert that we are here to help.

Click here to read the letter in its entirety.

FREE Remote Working Readiness Assessment

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Blog Updates

We will also be providing regular updates to our blog, in an “Extraordinary Times” blog series, in order to share further information and help with mitigating remote working scenarios many of our clients will be experiencing.

Blog #1 – Pandemics Aren’t Your Usual Business Disruption

Blog #2 – Cybersecurity Tips for Working From Home

Blog #3 – Top Threats for Working From Home

Blog #4 – How to Communicate With Employees During Trying Times

Blog #5 – Getting Started With Microsoft Teams

Blog #6 – Working at Home with Switchvox VOIP

Blog #7 – Top Habits of Highly Productive Remote Workers

Blog #8 – Top Tips to Keep Your Audience Engaged During Online Meetings

Blog #9 – Work From Home Cybersecurity Guidelines

Blog #10 – 5 Things Learned From Work At Home

Blog #11 – Tips for Managing Your New Remote Workforce

Blog #12 – Tightening Up Your Zoom Security

Blog #13 – Creating Ground Rules for Your Remote Team

Blog #14 – Relief Roundup for Small Businesses

Blog #15 – Avoiding Burnout When Working From Home

Blog #16 – Measuring Customer Satisfaction Part 1 – How does the voice of the customer drive your service decisions?

Blog #17 – Measuring Customer Satisfaction Part 2 – How does your company recognize and reward great service?

Blog #18 – Measuring Customer Satisfaction Part 3 – Do your service measures and metrics improves customer experience?

Blog #19 – Effective Time Management While Working Remotely

Blog #20 – Tips for Thoughtful Leadership When Managing a Distributed Team

Blog #20b – Moments That Matter at Work

Blog #21 – Microsoft Teams Training Resources for Your New Remote Workforce

Blog #22 – How to be a Strong Remote Leader During Lockdown

Blog #23 – Professional Development & Training Resources While Working From Home

Blog #24 – How To Reduce Stress & Burnout By Relieving Employee Zoom Fatigue

Blog #25 – 4 Ways To Refresh Your Routine When Working From Home

Blog #26 – Interested in Increasing Your Microsoft Teams Usage?

Blog #27 – How to Host Remote Meetings Without Chaos

Blog #28 – A Mindful Approach to Setting Boundaries

Blog #29 – 9 Secrets to Staying Visible While Working Remotely

Blog #30 – 5 Steps That’ll Allow You to Continue to Work from Home After the Covid-19 Peak

Blog #31 – 11 Reasons Why Working at the Office Sounds Better Than Working From Home

Blog #32 – Main Street Lending Program Update

Blog #33 – Back To Work Safely Guidelines

Blog #34 – 5 Ways To Strengthen Your Culture During Covid-19

Blog #35 – In A Downturn, How To Stand Out

Blog #36 – The Human Side of Returning to the Workplace – 3 Considerations for CEOs

Blog #37 – The Key To Inclusive Leadership

Blog #38 – How to Ensure Your Business is Ready for the New Normal

Blog #39 – 3 Signs Your Employees Are Starting To Crack Under Stress From Working At Home

Blog #40 – Difficult Times for New Managers – 5 Strategies to Thrive

Blog #41 – Help Your Employees Manage Re-entry Anxiety

Blog #42 – 10 Steps to Cybersecurity During a Pandemic

Blog #43 – 5 Ways You Can Contribute To Your Company’s Virtual Work Culture

Blog #44 – Are Your Employees At home Actually Working? 5 Behaviors That Indicate Productivity To Managers

Blog #45 – Is Your Home Office Stopping You From Doing Your Best Work?

Blog #46 – Remote Working Tools For Your Phone System

Blog #47 – How Supervisors Can Recognize & Support Their Remote Employees

Blog #48 – Is Outsourcing Your IT A Good Move During A Pandemic?

Blog #49 – Avoid Embarrassment & Master Video Meetings

Blog #50 – Sick of Zoom Happy Hour? Try These Virtual Team Building Activities Instead…

Blog #51 – Its OK To Lie…On Security Questions

Blog #52 – Using “Together Mode” in Microsoft Teams

Blog #53 – City of Fort Worth Prepares Round 2 of CARES Act Funding for SMBs

Blog #54 – 5 Ways a Crisis Can Help to Cultivate a Growth Mindset

Blog #55 – What You Should Do If Your IT Doesn’t Work

Blog #56 – How to Spot a BEC (Business Email Compromise) Scam

Blog #57 – Pandemic-Related Trends Small Businesses & Startups Can Leverage

Blog #58 – 4 Not-So-Secret Secrets of Leadership

Blog #59 – Tyler Technology Suffers Attack – Actions You Can Take To Protect Your City/Town

Fulcrum Group Support Status

Currently, we are operating as normal. Service Desk is Monday through Friday, 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.  On-Site support and project implementation is still business as usual as well. Check here for updates.