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SPOT Network Monitoring

It’s challenging for Dallas/Fort Worth small or medium-sized businesses to maintain a keen eye on their wallets and keep up with what’s going on with their networks. That’s where SPOT Network Monitoring service comes in.  SPOT Network Monitoring is a comprehensive cloud-based network monitoring solution that provides immediate alerting, asset reporting, and other real-time information on your network, allowing you to stay focused on running your business.


Making Networking Easier

SPOT Network Monitoring is your network watchdog.  SPOT Network Monitoring monitors your network 24×7, alerting you when there are issues, so you can stay focused on doing what you do best – running your business.

SPOT Network Monitoring Features

SPOT Network Monitoring offers much more than just immediate alerting.  Check out some of the great features below.

Monitoring and Alerting

SPOT Network Monitoring monitors your network 24 x 7, and provides immediate alerting on the things that matter, so you can resolve issues quickly.  Our extensive library of policy modules allows us to provide in-depth monitoring of Windows servers, PCs, and laptops, as well as network devices like network printers, switches, firewalls, and much more.


Comprehensive Asset Management

SPOT Network Monitoring automatically discovers network-attached devices, with automatic policy modules applied to common devices like Windows servers, PCs, and laptops.  Asset inventory includes information like hardware inventory (CPU, memory, disk, etc.), software inventory (include license keys), and warranty information (serial number/service tag, warranty expiration date).

Remote Control & Remote Management

SPOT Network Monitoring allows IT staff as well as Fulcrum Group help desk or field engineers to remote into any computer or server, without requiring VPN connectivity.  You can even initiate Remote Assistance sessions to shadow Windows desktops, conduct live chat with the logged in user, and take control if needed.

Patch Management

SPOT Network Monitoring includes integration with Windows Software Update Services (WSUS), and allows you to monitor and implement Windows patch management directly from within the SPOT Network Monitoring web admin interface.


SPOT Network Monitoring provides a plethora of standard and customizable reports.  Sample reports include Windows Server Health, Hardware/Software Inventory, Warranty Status Summary, Site Hardware Summary, and many more.

What’s In It For You?

24×7 Monitoring

SPOT Network Monitoring runs 24×7 and alerts you immediately in the event of a system down, low disk space, or other critical situation.  This allows you to take care of the little issues before they become big issues.

Real Time Reporting and Trending

SPOT Network Monitoring provides real time reporting and trending.  You can budget for replacement of older servers well in advance by using the trending reports.  And you can easily determine how much memory, what software is installed, or other information about any computer or device on your network.  You can spend less time gather information and more time making things happen.

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