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Does your organization need Business IT support in the Dallas area? You can click the free assessment button to arrange a meeting or videoconference. Or if you just trying to learn more, read below for information and tips for making a better decision.


How to Gauge Which Business IT Support Provider is Right For Me

Good technology support can seem like magic but there is structure behind-the-scenes. Most modern firms use a variety of technologies and tools to manage service operations. Do you ever get tired of hearing firms focus on monitoring?

Here are some quick suggestions of deeper things to look for, to aid your decision.


Business history breeds trust

Anyone can put up an attractive tech support website. Look for success clues like actual offices, length of time in business and core values.


Emotional intelligence shows that care

IT support can be stressful. Life is easier when people treat you as people. Does it sound like the person on the other end of the line cares about you?


Management metrics drive consistency

One of your best gauges asking tech-support vendor for their management metrics are. You can learn a lot based on what the firm chooses to measure and manage.


Service processes signal quality

Standards and structure are key to good service organizations. Ask potential partners for sample SOPs or templates around onboarding, gap assessments or similar to see a culture of discipline.


Vendor relationships show experience

Vendors like Microsoft, Cisco, Dell, VMware and others have standards for service partners. Firms without significant relationships might not be able to meet some of your requirements.


Communication skills are key

Ask the IT outsourcing firm for what their meeting rhythm is. Can you reach someone on the phone any day you call? Is the top executive engaged in the business?

Why are you looking for technology management?

When people reach out to us to outsource, it is usually for a limited number of reasons. Here are the top three reasons we see and are very experienced with.

  • Business has grown!!! Need additional skills, systems or capabilities.
  • Issues with current internal IT person or service provider
  • Need a snapshot of where things are and enough advice to make better technology decisions

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