2020 Phishing Benchmark Global Report

Anyone working in cybersecurity, technology, or business leadership roles knows that the stakes around safeguarding confidential data have never been higher. Many organizations are shifting how they work, with remote work and other considerations lessening the impact of your average technical safety nets.

Email Phishing Simulation – What Not To Do

A British railway firm has been criticized (and rightly so) for sending out an email phishing simulation test that ended up eroding employee trust in the company.

The firm sent out an email phishing simulation to employees telling them that would get a financial reward for their "hard work" during the pandemic.

Colonial Pipeline Hack

The cybercriminals who shut down the Colonial Pipeline this past weekend say they didn't mean to cause problems for society. This is a terrifying reminder that ransomware is targeted at all businesses, all the time, and the impact can be colossal.  Imagine if this attack had been perpetuated 3 months ago during the winter; the impact in lost lives could have been unimaginable.