Feel like something is missing with your technology?

If you are considering outsourced IT with our SPOT Managed IT program, you probably already understand the leverage that technology can give to a service-oriented company.  When business goals and IT management are in alignment something magical happens. But when technology strategy doesn’t reinforce business goals, nothing seems to go right.  

Why Us?

Outsourcing your IT can be a way to achieve alignment, especially given the high cost associated with finding a good technologist that also understands business. It is usually a lot to ask for a single person to think strategy, fix PCs, develop a budget and explain opportunities and issues in non-technical terms. That’s why recent salary surveys estimate real CIOs in the $250,000 per year salary area, and point out that good ones move around.

Our SPOT program focuses on our STARpower, as opposed to basic trouble ticketing, network monitoring and reporting.  Organizations can be overwhelmed  But how can you make sure a managed services provider is a fit for you (or how does it compare against an internal team or other providers).

Use this list of ten questions to help you compare firms and find the one that matches your needs.

  1. Does my IT service provider truly understand our business (anytime you see provider, you can think internal IT person, as well)?
  2. What is the plan to improve IT operations, instead of just being buried under the daily grind of individual issues?
  3. What access do you have to higher levels of resources, or subject matter experts?
  4. What is the basic Service Desk process of the provider?
  5. How does your provider measure service quality and performance (top KPIs and metrics)?
  6. Are all services delivered by employees (nothing outsourced)?
  7. Do you still need to deal with related technology vendors or will the provider handle vendor communications and service requests?
  8. What system documentation does the provider maintain and what access will you have to it?
  9. Does your provider have engineers in dedicated roles or does everyone “kind of do everything”?
  10. What security training and tools does the organization use to protect itself (and potential access to your data)?

Call today to find out more about our SPOT Managed IT Support programs and learn how we work to support and advance your business.