Our Service Fulcrums

Whether you’re a new prospective client or an existing client, we hope that this explanation of our Service Fulcrums will help you understand how Fulcrum Group’s SPOT Managed Services is delivered for the Dallas Fort Worth area.


  • Proactive Services – This role comes onsite and conducts your S.T.A.R. review multiple times per year. As your primary technology advocate they learn your systems, help document them in our platform tools and drive access to our other teams.
  • Fractional CIO – This role is your business and strategy expert and meets with you quarterly to continually update your technology plan, help with budgeting and sharing tools and provide advice on what other organization do for various results.
  • Platform Services – This role drives automation and deployment strategies of our centrally managed tools to ensure proper setup, complete deployment and automation. Examples include monitoring, patching, antivirus, backups, ticketing system, remote control, documentation and our various cloud services. They look for improvements that can affect our entire client base.
  • Service Desk – Our Service Desk (aka Help Desk) team takes phone calls, emails and review alerts for those times where support is reactive in nature such as password resets, email issues or new software installs. Our Service Desk is staffed by Fulcrum employees available in the office from 6am to 6pm. With emergency on call support available 24x7x365.
  • Professional Services – These are the engineers with more specialized skills that would be deploying new technologies such as network infrastructure, virtualization, storage, voice over IP or specialized security tools. They are also called upon for more consultative engagements such as audits and assessments. And they also handle escalations for difficult issues.

Together the Five Fulcrums work in harmony to deliver quality service, track what has occurred, document relevant details and notify you of what happened.