What are some other Avenues of Cyber Attack to know about?

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month!During this Cybersecurity Awareness Month, today's blog answers the question, "What are some other avenues of cyber attack I should know about?"



Other Avenues of Cyber Attack

What is it?
 Internet of everything
 Any device connected to your network
 Information collection
 Remote access
 Bluetooth
 Open ports

Why should you care?
 Your network can be used to attack someone else
 Any device that stores information or is connected to the internet can be a vulnerability
 Assume that you are vulnerable, and take measures to understand and mitigate risk
 Don‘t be the “low-hanging fruit”

Examples of where these types of attack could originate:
 Smart devices
 Mobile phone
 Thermostat
 Vehicles
 Gaming consoles
 Printers
 Medical equipment
 Industrial systems

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See our last post on Cybercrime.  As always, feel free to give us a shout if you'd like assistance with ensuring the security of your business.

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