Fulcrum Group ‘Cybersecurity for CEOs’ Lunch & Learn – Fulcrum Group Presentation Summary

Cybersecurity for CEOs Lunch & Learn EventWe hope you were able to attend our recent Cybersecurity for CEOs virtual Lunch & Learn, but if you didn't, we've wrapped up the event in its entirety for you here, on our Events page.  Below is a summary of Fulcrum Group's presentation. We'll have key takeaways from our partner presentations for you later this week.



The Fulcrum Group presents Cybersecurity for CEOs

David Johnson, VP Sales & Marketing for Fulcrum Group, presented Cybersecurity for CEOs. He presented the latest cybersecurity threats, what's at risk, cybersecurity challenges for CEOs, and 3 action items you can do NOW.

Presentation Summary

  • Cybersecurity threats and attacks are increasing in quantity AND impact
  • There’s a LOT at Risk – downtime, loss of revenue, cost of recovery
  • SMB CEOs have to overcome challenges – Top Down leadership, internal IT aren’t cybersecurity experts, employees are the weakest link
  • Step 1 – Be the CEO that embraces cybersecurity
  • Step 2 – Make sure your SMB has the cybersecurity basics down
  • Step 3 – Get to know Advanced cybersecurity tools

Download Fulcrum Group's Cybersecurity for CEOs presentation HERE.

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