Office 365 Micro Tech Tip: Getting The Most From Cortana’s Daily Briefing

Today, The Fulcrum Group is excited to premier our new Office 365 Micro Tech Tips! 

Our Office 365 Micro Tech Tip series features 3 minutes-or-less video tips on how to do cool stuff in Office 365, presented by a Fulcrum Group team member.  A few times a month, we'll share quick micro-servings of easily consumable, helpful information on how to get the most from Office 365.  Be on the lookout for these regularly - we hope you'll share them with your team, colleagues and others to enhance everyone's grasp of Office 365!

Without further adieu, here's today's Office 365 Micro Tech Tip: Getting The Most From Cortana's Daily Briefing.

All of our Office 365 Micro Tech Tips can be found here on our Playlist. If you have more time, you might be interested in some of our past virtual training sessions on Office 365.

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