Fulcrum Group LinkedIn “Ask The Expert” Virtual Event Key Takeaways

The Fulcrum Group's Fort Worth IT Professionals LInkedIn group recently hosted a special, virtual "Ask The Experts" Q&A event on Migrating To The Cloud, and we wanted to roundup a few key takeaways for you here.
Key Takeaways From "Ask The Experts" - Migrating To The Cloud

 Benefits of Moving to Cloud Services
- Allows you to work (access your resources) anywhere
- Freedom from dealing with IT equipment issues.

Colonial Pipeline Hack

The cybercriminals who shut down the Colonial Pipeline this past weekend say they didn't mean to cause problems for society. This is a terrifying reminder that ransomware is targeted at all businesses, all the time, and the impact can be colossal.  Imagine if this attack had been perpetuated 3 months ago during the winter; the impact in lost lives could have been unimaginable.

Quick Video: 3 Ways to Detect Ransomware

One of the reasons companies may experience so much damage if their systems are compromised by ransomware is that the breach might not be discovered for some time.

If you have 1 minute 15 seconds extra in your day, watch this quick video on 3 ways that can help detect if your company has been hit with ransomware.