Ransomware – Before, During & After

January 14th, 2021
Ransomware – Before, During & After

Before During and After Ransomware attacks

We all have heard of one of the most popular cyberattacks used in today’s business environment – ransomware. What type of attack it is, how it is obtained, how to get it off your machines if you’re attacked, and how to prevent it from happening to your organization – we’ve got answers for you! Watch our quick video here, or see our Q & A below.

Q – What exactly is ransomware?

A – It is a type of cyber attack preplanned by bad cyber actors that “infects” files on a network or device by “locking” – or encrypting – them. Files can only be “unlocked” by a decryption key, which attackers will provide for a price, in effect, taking an organization or individual for “ransom.”

Q – How is ransomware obtained?

A – On the dark web, ransomware can be purchased and downloaded by anyone.

Q – How do I get it off my machines?

A – Consult with your IT department or other trusted resource for assistance in removing the malware. If your network or machine has been recently backed up properly, you may have avoided the need to pay any kind of ransom.

Q – How do I prevent a ransomware attack at my organization or on my device?

A – If your IT provider has your network or device/s backed up correctly, you can avoid the most costly and stressful hassles of a ransomware attack. As always, a well-protected perimeter and staff well-versed in basic cybersecurity sense can help avoid attacks of various kinds, altogether.