How Leaders Can Boost Team Morale During a Virtual Holiday Season

December 9th, 2020
How Leaders Can Boost Team Morale During Virtual Holiday Season

After this unforgettable year, coming together somehow and celebrating is essential for our well-being, our own and our team’s sense of value, team connection, company culture - the list goes on. The creative and ingenious ways in which leaders will celebrate this year can have a lasting impact on their people and their own 2020 legacy. 

Here are five ideas for how leaders can boost team morale during a virtual holiday season. 

  1. Bring the Glamour
    Go all out with fun, virtual black tie events and dressy ceremonies, Adapting to our current circumstances including finding ways to come together safely, are great ways to host a 2020 holiday celebration. Consider using pre-taped personal stories put together by leadership willing to make things extra special, to present for various awards.
  2. Gifting in a Virtual and Personal Way
    Choosing personal gifts for your team, coupled with a handwritten card of thanks is still one of the highest impact tokens of appreciation.  And if we’re honest, it’s the words that mean the most. A well-coordinated Secret Santa effort can be fun and meaningful to employees as well.
  3. Experiential Festive Meals
    Would it be do-able to send food-delivery or boxes of gastronomical cheer out to everyone and then come together for a celebration? A ‘Back of the drinks cabinet exploration’ where everyone reveals the bottles that have been on the shelf the longest may be forever-notable fun, as well as an international seasonal celebration where each course represents a different global festival. 
  4. Differently-Shaped Festive Fun
    There are actually loads of options to create just the right kind of festive cheer with your team - with the right planning and support. Gaming ideas including virtual quizzes, advent calendar challenges, virtual ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’ and more can bring a bucket of fun to your festive get-together.  Christmas jumper days (or weeks!), fancy dress events and simple stuff like laughing together about our favorite moments (funny and otherwise) of 2020 bring smiles, togetherness and joy in a multitude of ways. Simply bringing back the funnies (whether it’s memes, pictures, cracker jokes) will help the festivities feel close at hand!
  5. Seasonal Greetings From the Heart
    Bringing a human face to seasonal greetings is vital for leaders. Whether it’s a video recording or a series of live discussions, it’s imperative that leaders take the time to plan and create a meaningful seasonal message for their people. Reflections of the year, personal challenges that were overcome with the support of the team, heartfelt messages of thanks - are always best straight from the horse's mouth.

    If your people would usually receive a bonus or other festive gift and they’re not this year because of the pandemic and its hit on profits, tackle the situation head-on, instead of it just being absent without word. Think about what else you can do that sends that sentiment of thanks because, in our experience, it’s that which is worth the most.

    The pandemic means that you can’t replicate what you would have done in person. But, done right, you can replace it with other small but symbolic things that will mean just as much to your teams and people. After the festivities fade, remember the important stuff that will be left is how we made people feel.

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