Tyler Technologies Suffers Attack – Actions You Can Take To Protect Your City/Town

September 29th, 2020
Security Alert from The Fulcrum Group

Update: It has been confirmed that the cyber attacker installed ransomware that locked access to some of the company's internal documents. Also, customers of Tyler Technologies are finding suspicious logins and previously unseen remote access tools (RATs) on their networks and servers. For more information, go here.

Tyler Technologies, a Texas-based company that bills itself as the largest provider of software and technology services to the United States public sector, is battling a network intrusion that has disrupted its operations. The company declined to discuss the exact cause of the disruption.

As of 11:30am CST, Thursday, September 24th, Tyler Technologies web site remains down.  Initial indications are that "an unauthorized intruder disrupted access to some of Tyler's internal systems."  Tyler has engaged outside IT security and forensics experts to conduct a detailed review.

If you are a client of Tyler
Technologies, we highly recommend that you take the following steps.

  • Temporarily disable any and all access to your IT systems from Tyler Technologies.  Reach out to your IT team to conduct an audit of Tyler's remote access.  
  • Confirm with your IT team that your backups are functioning properly, and are protected against ransomware or other cyber attacks.
  • Understand that access to Tyler Technologies technical support may be slow or unavailable during the next few days.  Delay any changes to associated IT systems that house or interact with Tyler Technologies applications or data.
  • Notify your internal staff of the Tyler cyber attack, and ask them to be vigilant and look for anything out of the ordinary when it comes to your IT systems or the Tyler applications/systems.
  • Make plans to go to manual/paper processing in the event that your Tyler Technologies applications or related IT systems have a breach or cyber attack.
  • Check your Incident Response Plan and make sure you are ready to implement.

Reach out to The Fulcrum Group if you have questions or need a little advice.  As a free offering for local government agencies, we are providing a template for Incident Response Plan.