Measuring Customer Satisfaction (Part 2)

April 15th, 2020
Measuring Customer Satisfaction part 2

Service recognition matters.  It’s a way to say, “Thank
You!”, “Great Job!”, and “Keep it up!”.  It can keep your employees from
feeling taken for granted and reinforce service behaviors.  It allows you
to spotlight your mission and core values, and why the behaviors are important
to your company’s success.

Does Your Company Recognize and Reward Great Service?

The way you recognize service, matters too. Many companies rely on monetary rewards, which are OK, but can feel impersonal.  There are more powerful ways to provide heartfelt recognition for service delivered from the heart. Gratitude from customers, admiration from colleagues, strong approval from leaders, and specific and strategic rewards can drive service commitment and behavior to even higher levels. They are also more memorable and emotional than simply receiving money.  Here are some great examples of highly effective service recognition:

  • NTUC Income recognizes its contact center employees with paper stars and hearts on the office wall. Each paper cutout includes an employee’s name and what an appreciative customer or colleague said about him or her. It’s an ever-changing, always-current “Hall of Fame” that uplifts everyone every day.
  • Arby’s restaurants get their customers involved in recognition by hanging a brass bell by the doorway with a sign that reads, “If our service was GREAT, please RING the bell.”
  • American Express recognizes employees worldwide with an entire week that spotlights employee achievements on social networking sites.

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