Getting Started with Microsoft Teams

March 26th, 2020
Getting Started with Microsoft Teams

What is Microsoft Teams?

Small businesses need new communication tools to help during
these unprecedented times.  Microsoft calls Teams the hub for teamwork in
Office 365.  Chat from anywhere.  Meet from anywhere.  Call from
anywhere.  Collaborate from anywhere.  Use the Windows, Mac, iPhone,
Android, or web version to communicate with your team.  Teams is the
successor to Skype, as Microsoft has announced that Skype is going end of life
in the near future. 

How to Get Microsoft Teams

If you are already using Microsoft Office 365, congratulations, you get Microsoft Teams as a standard feature in all versions of Office 365.  If you’re not an Office 365 user, you can get Teams for FREE using one of Microsoft’s current offers – 1) Office 365 E1 6 Month Free Offer, or 2) Freemium Version of Teams.

End User Communication

Ready to roll out Teams to your users? You can find these great email templates in the Customer Success Kit:

• Use the announcement email to tell users that Teams is
available for them.

• Use the “Your First Day in Teams” email to help users
become productive quickly.

• Use the tips and tricks email to help your users get the most
out of Teams.

User Training & Resources

Share these assets and videos with your users to help them
get started quickly:

• Watch the Welcome Video to get an overview of Teams.

• Use the Quick Start Guide to learn the Teams basics.

• Watch the short Quick Start Videos for a walkthrough of Teams.

• Watch the Meetings Videos to learn how to use meetings in Teams.

Watch for future blog posts about how to get more out of Microsoft Teams.

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