Happy Thanksgiving from The Fulcrum Group!

peanuts-thanksgivingWe’ll bet most everybody is ready for a festive holiday season!

Although we can’t guarantee there will be peace around the table this year, unless politics is stricken from the dinner docket, we’re sure happy to share what everybody at The Fulcrum Group enjoys most – Here’s what folks around our office said they’re looking forward to:

Steve – Our family of four battles it out old school, using MarioKart 64 on the old Nintendo 64 platform (newer versions don’t evoke the same competitiveness and emotion as the old Mario Kart). Too bad my daughter tends to win more than the rest of us!  Favorite Thanksgiving food? I love gravy (is it just a Texas thing), but my mother-in-law almost poisoned me last year with her special homemade gravy. Her now-famous line after the fact, “I thought it didn’t quite look right…”

Robert – Looking forward to green bean casserole. I don’t know the recipe. I just know how awesome my wife is for making it!  We start each Thanksgiving meal going around the table, answering what we are the most thankful for before we eat. It’s great, but we have a big family and sometimes people are long winded and the food gets cold…

Laura’s dogs awaiting an opportunity.

Laura – Spiked eggnog is always around while Mom and I put together our Thanksgiving meal.  We usually splash in some bourbon in a tall glass, fill ‘er up with ‘nog, then top with a sprinkle of fresh grated nutmeg, but if you want to get fancy this year, here’s 7 more interesting ways to serve it up!  We live in the country, so all holidays celebrated at my house are open to the doggie cousins, too. With all the good holiday food smells, of course there’s always lots of interest in what’s happening up on the countertops!

Tyson – My dad’s magic Turkey Fat Gravy.


Some Deep Thankful Thoughts:

SteveAfter breaking my collarbone last year and it turning into a six month recovery, I bounced back this year and fought off extra weight. Using a combination of FitBit and MyFitnessPal, I’ve been able to drop almost 35 lbs. versus last year and maintain a healthier lifestyle!

Robert – I’m thankful for my family – both personal, and work family alike. This year, I recovered from back surgery so I am also thankful for the doctors and nurses as well.

Dale – I am thankful for a knowledgeable team, who is always eager to share that knowledge.

Chase – I am sincerely thankful for this job. The difference having a good job makes, with good people you can respect and grow with, is a boon to my soul.

LauraWith an 18 year old who is frequently gone for school and work now, and a 10 year old, I’m thankful to have a loud kid-voice-filled house whenever we still can!  

TysonI’m thankful that I’ve managed to somehow find myself among incredible people who I get to help every day.


Its a great day for catching up with friends – we’d love to hear from you today on our Facebook page.  We’re thankful for your readership – have a wonderful and renewing rest of the week!