Windows Server 2003 Lifecycle

Have you taken steps to migrate your Windows Server 2003 environment by its end of life deadline date, July 14th?  Confused about where to start?  Click on this Windows Server 2003 Lifecycle infographic for a great rundown (then click it again to enlarge).

If you'd like to know more, check out our most recent blog on this topic.

Security Alert: Some resources for you on Superfish and the FREAK flaw

Last year, a couple of notably-named security topics (including Heartbleed and Shellshock, aka "BASH bug")
made big news.  

And as of this past Friday, looks like we have a couple of new Spring 2015 contenders:

The FREAK security hole or flaw - in the fewest handful of words - another example of outdated, insecure encryption code that is still in use.

Fulcrum February Snow Days

Here's a few pics from some of our snowy February days. Consider this part 1, as tonight may determine if there's a part 2!

Hover your mouse over the image for a description. Click on the pic for a larger view. Control buttons on either side of the slideshow will scroll you through (or just move your mouse away from the images and enjoy a coffee).

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We hope everyone has a very safe rest of the week.