Why is Evernote growing so quickly?

May 29th, 2014

Are you part of the cult of Evernote? Do you use the popular organizing app to plan meetings, save your favorite Web pages and track of your wedding anniversary date? Do you use the program to store images and videos for work or play? If so, you're far from alone. As a recent story by BloombergBusinessweek shows, a growing number of tablet and computer users are finding to Evernote. And the fans of the application are far from shy about their love for it.

Booming popularity

The BloombergBusinessweek story makes a persuading case that a real cult has grown up around Evernote. This might seem odd; considering that, Evernote is just an organizing app. It's a highly effective and helpful organizing app. But apps that don't involve angry birds or farms don't typically attract such devoted and vocal followers. Evernote has, with its fans voluntarily promoting the program and promoting it to others. Have a look at tech forums, and you'll undoubtedly find posts from users praising this app.

Why so hot?

But just why is Evernote so hot? It may be because of its simplicity, as well as how it helps ever more cluttered brains monitor appointments, deadlines, meetings and chores. Essentially, users type, clip or upload a note -- which can be anything from an image or a recording to a word document to Web page -- into Evernote's right-hand column. They then store that note in a notebook listed on Evernote's left-hand side. Finally, users can browse or search their notes in a middle column. The promise of Evernote is appealing: If you use it, you'll never forget your spouse's birthday, that afternoon meeting or your daughter's soccer practice again.

Changing lifestyles?

In the story, Libin says that he doesn't understand the concept of work/life balance. For home, work is part of life, and something that he enjoys doing. It's why he admits to checking e-mail messages late into the evening. Evernote takes advantage of this changing view of the world, one embraced by not just Libin. An increasing number of people work on the fly, scheduling meetings and interviews around the clock. An organizing tool like Evernote is an ideal fit for this lifestyle. Which just might reveal why the app has become so popular so quickly.