Security Alert – Here we go again…this time its eBay.

May 23rd, 2014

Although a "small number of employee log-in credentials" between late February and early March were compromised in the recent eBay security breach, and "no evidence of any unauthorized access to financial or credit card information (which is stored separately in encrypted formats) was found," experts are still recommending eBay users update their passwords...

A couple of articles on the eBay breach can be found here and here.  The Pro-tip at the end of the latter, PCWorld's article, is a great tip on multifactor authentication.  Whenever offered, take advantage of this added layer of security!

Additional blogs we've provided recently on the topic are 7 Things IT Administrators Can Do To Improve Their Company's Security Posture, and What Should Recent High Profile Security Breaches Mean To You.  Our latest newsletter has a very informative article on security strategy for your business, written by our company president.  We expect you'll find it useful!