4 Ways to Use #Hashtags in Your Social Media

May 22nd, 2014

Anyone Know the Right Way to Use #Hashtags?

Know exactly what a #Hashtag is? If you’re not a social media expert, and especially Twitter, you might not have a clue what a #hashtag is. No need for that being the case any more. A hashtag is a # paired with a word or phrase to perform a number of functions. Twitter users add hashtags to tweets as search conventions, a method of categorizing, and marketing tactics. #Hashtags can also be used in other social media platforms.

#Hashtags guidelines

Make sure the keyword you use is not in use elsewhere, or you may be in for a large surprise. This requires doing a little research (a search on Search.Twitter.com) to ascertain if that keyword would be a good choice. Also, don’t use deceptive #hashtags, even with significantly trending keywords. This will most certainly not work in your favor. And most importantly, proofread prior to deciding to create that #hashtag, lest you become a victim of your own hashtag.

4 Ways to win with #hashtags

  1. Keep them short and simple - Making your #hashtag brief and to the point is the best choice. Combine a couple if need be, such as #apps and #smallbiz, but avoid stringing together a half dozen: it just appears you don’t know what you want to say.
  2. Make them memorable - A memorable #hashtag is one that will be shared widely. Give some thought and you might have it go viral.
  3. Use them on multiple social media channels - A #hashtag isn’t much use if it’s not shared. Although started on Twitter, #hashtags are now employed across multiple social media channels including Facebook, Google , LinkedIn and Pinterest. This assists to instill the #hashtag into the minds of their audience.
  4. Use keywords - If you can. It’s not at all times possible, but attempt to work in your brand or primary keywords.

Creating and making use of memorable #hashtags can keep your brand and conversation before your social media audience, and help perpetuate your campaigns. Try it out today!