Don’t slow your meetings with useless tech

May 8th, 2014

Do laptops and smartphones hijack your company meetings? Do employees waste time checking e-messages, tweeting their friends and scanning news headlines as an alternative to paying attention to your plan to boost profits? Well, you’re far from alone. Technology has impaired many a company meeting.

The Solution

Because of this Jake Knapp, design partner at Google Ventures, writes in a current post on the Medium Web site that workers need to be forbidden from bringing technology into meetings. Supervisors, then, have a far less challenging time attracting the interest of their staff.

No gadgets

Knapp proposes that meeting attendees not be permitted to bring their laptops, smartphones, tablets, or even their smart watches into meetings. By doing this, they’ll be ready to concentrate on what you’re actually saying, not what’s blinking on a screen in front of them.

A timer

Of course, employers need to make concessions, too. Knapp recommends that bosses set up a timer everyone in the meeting can see. When the timer goes off, the meeting is over. This stands no matter what.