These business apps can keep you on track

March 18th, 2014

This isn't an easy time for anyone running a small business. Competition is intense. The economy is still sluggish. And consumers are hesitant to spend their dollars. To thrive today, owners of small businesses need to be organized. They must ensure that their companies are operating as efficiently as they possibly can. Fortunately, there are lots of apps for iPhone owners that really help business owners organize their days. The Web site Business News Daily recently took a short look at several of the most powerful of these apps.

A new calendar

The price is right for calendar app Fantastical 2: It costs just $1.99. That's a bargain since this calendar app is far more advanced than the stock iPhone calendar app that is included with all iPhones. The most interesting feature? You can speak into your iPhone -- saying something such as "Meet Joe for lunch at 1 p.m. on Wednesday -- and the app will automatically convert that into a calendar listing. That's a true time-saving device.

A more powerful scheduler

The Schedule Planner app is free. That's fantastic. It's also easy to use, helping you to quickly plan out your day. As Business News Daily reports, you can even color-code tasks according to their category. For instance, you can color work activities blue and free-time activities red. The app will then create charts that show you exactly how you're spending you're time. Then you're able to make changes to become more efficient.

Another free app, combines a traditional to-do list and adds some functionality that will help you check tasks off your daily to-do list. Using this app, you can add tasks to four different categories: today, tomorrow, this week or someday. You eliminate tasks by crossing them out as you complete them. As Business News Daily writes, this app helps make planning your busy day, at least, an easy task.