Tech of the future? Think simplicity

February 27th, 2014

Are you overwhelmed by the degree of technology in your life? Does big data got you and your employees feeling stunned? Here's some good news: The Christian Science Monitor recently forecast that technology will become quite a bit simpler for both personal and business users. How quickly will this happen? How about next year?


The Christian Science Monitor story pointed to some alarming facts about the tech overload we go through. For starters, the story observed that the digital universe is doubling in size approximately every two years. Secondly, the story also reported that we now have more than 600 million websites to explore. Then there's the fact that the App Store today is packed with more than 1 million apps.

Simplicity rules

Of course, this doesn't suggest that tech will only become more complicated. In fact, the Monitor story says that one of the bigger technology trends for 2014 is going to be technology that is in fact easy to use and understand. That's good news for consumers and workers. Tech is certainly powerful. But if you can't figure it out, what good is it?

Apple, Google lead the way

This makes sense because we already know that simple can pay off. Just take a look at Google and Apple. These two tech giants already provide some of the simplest yet powerful tech tools out there. Think of the elegant simplicity of Google search or the out-of-the-box computing power of the iPad. Let's hope that Google and Apple can inspire other tech providers to move toward simplicity.