Digital comics are thriving

January 28th, 2014

Tablets are hot, and the market for these mobile devices has become a crowded one. Ethan Gach, a columnist for Forbes, recently wrote that Walmart by itself sold more than 1.4 million tablets during its November Black Friday sales event. But retailers are certainly not the only ones profiting from the tablet boom: As Gach writes, so are comic publishers.

The tablet, comic book match

The publishers of comic books, including the biggies of Marvel and DC, were initially hesitant to embrace digital publishing, Gach wrote. But the companies quickly realized the profit potential of letting consumers read their books with their computer screens. Tablets are a perfect match for comics, and reading the graphic tales on these mobile devices is really a pleasurable experience. Not surprisingly, then, big tablet sales signify increased business for comics publishers, Gach writes.

Comixology on the rise

Gach takes a close look at Comixology, an online seller of comics. The business has flourished by offering numerous types of comics online, that readers have access to on tablets and their personal computers. As outlined by Gach, Comixology reached over 200 million comic downloads earlier this year. That’s a great accomplishment.

Unlimited space

Comixology operates in the digital arena. This means it can offer a greater selection of comics than your average comic-book shop. Brick-and-mortar retailers face limited space. Digital sellers like Comixology don't. They, then, can offer more obscure titles, benefitting the comics industry in general. And for fans? Digital comics are a way for them to start reading most any title they would like.