The real truth about new tech’s impact

January 7th, 2014

Whenever a new technology debuts -- whether it's a new solution to connect with family and friends or a way to make cars get better mileage -- we get excited. We wonder how this tech will alter our lives and the planet. Inevitably, though, the same thing happens: This new technology has its use, but it doesn't alter the world significantly.

Stop the hype

The website Gizmodo recently took a funny look at new technology and its impact, running a chart on its website listing all the possibilities that come with a new technology. Can it make us geniuses? Could it make us more empathetic? Would it bring world peace? Will it make us all morons? The answer to all of these questions? According to Gizmodo, it's "no".


As Gizmodo says, new technologies do have the potential to change the lives of individuals...maybe. But they won't change the whole world, for better or worse. That is probably a good thing. Do we really want the world to change each time a new technology debuts?

One truth

Of course, the Gizmodo story does list one universal truth for technology: Teens will use all forms of new technology to have sex. On the positive side? These same teens would've found some other way to have sex even without the technology. As Gizmodo says, that's a given.