What Should Recent High-Profile Security Breaches Mean To You?

January 6th, 2014


You may have recently received an email from Adobe.com (or other online services you may use) which references the recent highly publicized password breach and encourages you to change your password. Don’t disregard the message.

Other big name online services including Facebook, Twitter and Gmail have experienced recent security breaches as well, and unfortunately the trend will likely continue. Here’s another helpful article which points to a neat tool which can help clarify your own status.

Keep in mind that the goal in these types of cyber attacks is to obtain email addresses and passwords of a user and, knowing that it is human nature to use the same password everywhere, piece together any available information (such as a credit card receipt delivered to your email) in order to steal money and fuel their operations.

Its old advice, but the best thing we can do to defend ourselves against these security breaches is NOT to use the same passwords across multiple accounts, and make them hard to crack. Our 8 Smart Things About Passwords White Paper offers you additional specific password-strengthening tips.