Surface 2 not special enough

December 12th, 2013

Is the Microsoft Surface 2 a tablet worth buying? Not based on a recent review by PCWorld writer Jon Phillips. The reviewer says that Microsoft's second attempt to create an entry-level Surface tablet is way too cautious to give the struggling tablet significance.

Tough competition

The competition in the tablet market remains intense. And Microsoft’s Surface 2 - which isn’t a bad table but isn’t a great one, either - just doesn't stand out. There isn't any persuasive reason for consumers to choose a Surface 2 instead of a Samsung Galaxy or an iPad.

Missed Opportunity

This, Phillips writes, is Microsoft’s fault. The company really should have come up with bolder changes for its Surface tablet. Instead, Microsoft settled for relatively minor tweaks. The tweaks do improve the tablet. Nonetheless they don’t improve it enough to make it a top option in the jam-packed tablet marketplace.


The main advantage of the Surface 2, in comparison to its immediate predecessor, is increased speed. The tablet works adequately and is fast. It has a bright, vivid display. But, as Phillips writes, so do other tablets on the market. And these other tablets also feature more apps. Surface 2 users have to shop for apps in the Windows store, and the choices there are simply to few. Until this changes, Phillips writes, don’t expect consumers to flock to the Surface 2.