Amazon set to deliver on Sundays

December 3rd, 2013

Live in Los Angeles, New York or London? Then don't be surprised to see your postal carrier showing up on Sunday with a package from Amazon. As the TechCrunch Web site recently documented, the online business giant has begun Sunday delivery for its Prime customers located in these three large cities.

Holiday crunch

Amazon is now one of the go-to shopping sites for consumers during the winter holidays. So it’s little surprise that Amazon is ready to test Sunday deliveries. The company is working with the United States Postal Service to make it happen.

Not available to all

As TechCrunch reports, though, not all customers will qualify for Amazon’s Sunday deliveries, even if they happen to live in New York, London or Los Angeles. That’s due to the fact service is only available to Amazon Prime members. The Prime program is a form of preferred customer subscription service. It costs $79 a year to be a Prime member.

More cities

There’s even better news for holiday shoppers. Amazon’s Sunday program this year is only a pilot. The company has plans -- depending on how things go this year -- to extend the Sunday-delivery service to more cities in the future. TechCrunch reports that cities including Dallas, Houston and Phoenix could be slated for Sunday delivery as early as 2014.