Looking for the best portable hard drive? Here’s a suggestion

October 30th, 2013

Choosing the right portable hard drive for your computer may seem like a challenge. Not surprisingly, there are lots of models available, all promising speed, storage space and reliability. Which to choose? Seamus Bellamy, a writer for The Wirecutter, can help you. In a recent review for the site he recommends one portable hard drive to meet a wide variety of needs: Western Digital's 2TB My Passport Ultra.

Affordable and powerful

First, the My Passport Ultra is reasonable, retailing for about $150. And for that price you get a lot. Bellamy raves about the device’s storage space, speed and reliability. That’s quite a powerful package for under $200.

Storage space

Bellamy also raves about the My Passport Ultra’s storage space. Based on Bellamy’s review, the device offers as much storage as you can get in a portable hard drive. You may not need all that storage now. But, as Bellamy writes, having it available helps prevent a future case of buyer’s remorse.


What else does a top-ranked portable hard drive need? Speed. And, as Bellamy writes, the My Passport Ultra is as fast of a portable hard drive as there is available today. If Bellamy is to be believed, you’ll be very impressed once you plug this hard drive into your computer.

Additional Commentary from Tyson, here at The Fulcrum Group

In terms of reliability, I’ve heard loads of good regarding MyPassport drives and have enjoyed having one, myself.  Honestly though, I still haven’t filled my existing 1TB drive...despite  - and if you know me, you know I mean *literally* -spending  a few days trying  to do just that!  There are uses, of course, for a drive that large (design files,  Cad files, etc.) .  However, at the moment, storage is cheap and plentiful and the average  user may not require that much storage.  So, as always, its best to consider your individual needs before investing.