The work-time nap can make you a better employee

October 8th, 2013

Feeling rundown before the end of your workday? A power nap might be the ticket. Writer Melanie Pinola, in a recent feature for the Lifehacker Web site, covered the benefits that short naps can have for workers struggling to make it through the workday. You might be able to use Pinola’s research to argue for your own workday snoozes.

10 to 20 Minutes

A power nap of 10 to 20 minutes can provide you with a boost in alertness and energy, Pinola writes. And because this is a lighter nap, you can more easily jump back into action once this snooze is over.

Not Short Enough, Not Long Enough

Conversely, a 30-minute nap could cause more harm than good. That’s because you’ll awaken from a nap of this length still groggy. You’ll find it difficult to focus. And the fogginess might last for another 30 minutes.

The Best Choice?

The ideal nap period might actually be 60 minutes. Pinola said that a nap of this length could dramatically boost your energy and brainpower. It may not be easy, though, to persuade your boss that those 60 minutes put in with your eyes closed were in fact productive.