What features should all smartwatches have?

October 1st, 2013

Wearable tech is hot. And smartwatches are, too. But what should all of us consumers expect from smartwatches? What features are important?


Thomas Claburn, editor-at-large with InformationWeek, recently explored the issue, writing his own take on just what he considers the most significant features that smartwatches must have. First, he writes, smartwatches need to act as sensors. Which means they ought to be able to tell us the temperature, tell us where we are at any moment and tell us if our hearts are beating too quickly.

No Charging Hassles

Easy charging is important, too. Claburn says that consumers should be able to charge smartwatches just by setting them on a charging plate, sparing everyone a mess of cords. An even better thought: Smartwatches should charge themselves while you walk.


Finally, Claburn states that smartwatches ought to be affordable. That really isn't the situation today. As Claburn writes, the Samsung Gear costs $299. That's a lot for a smartwatch.