Tackling the most vexing printer problems

September 24th, 2013

We all want to give our printers a good kick from time to time. How many times do you hit the “print” button and then watch as your printer sits quietly, ruining your day and your productiveness? Luckily for us, PCMag writer Tony Hoffman understands your pain. He recently composed a feature story highlighting some of the more common problems and fixes for your printer problems.

It’s Not Doing Anything

So, what happens if your printer isn’t printing when you tell it to? The problem, as Hoffman writes, might be simple: Maybe your printer isn’t connected to either a power source or your computer. Or maybe it’s a more challenging problem. Maybe your printer driver on your computer is corrupted. If that’s the circumstance, reinstall it.

Do I Really Have Ink?

Printer ink is costly, and it seems that printers drink the stuff by the bucket. But what if your computer tells you that your printer is low on ink but you can still print? Hoffman says keep printing; warning levels vary greatly in accuracy. You might as well suck as much ink out of your printer as you can.


A growing number of computer users are printing through Wi-Fi connections. This is convenient. But if your computer and printer are having trouble conversing, the printing process can be painfully slow. Hoffman recommends revving this up by putting your router as near to your printer as you can. Make sure that your router meets the specifications outlined by the manufacturer of your printer.