What matters most? Quantity or quality?

September 19th, 2013

It’s always been a difficult tug-of-war: You want your business to thrive. But do you do it by putting out as many goods and services as you can, or do you instead emphasize quality, producing a smaller number of items while doing so? ITWorld writer Matthew Mombrea takes up this debate in a recent column.


Mombrea believes that if your company's services or products need to be high quality to work properly, that you ought to focus your businesses efforts on quality over quantity. As Mombrea writes, this will help your company get noticed.

Dissatisfied Consumers

According to Mombrea, many consumers -- and rightly so -- consider quality to be at an all-time low when compared to the prices that they are paying for goods and services.

Standing Out

That’s why it’s very important to businesses to focus on quality, Mombrea writes. Consumers will notice when a company is putting out a product that works as it’s supposed to or when they provide top-notch service. And those consumers, tired of paying high prices for shoddy work, will spend their money in those businesses that over-perform.