Which smart phone should you buy? Who cares?

September 17th, 2013

Content contributed by:  Tyson Rasanen, The Fulcrum Group Renewals Specialist

The type of phone you choose can make a world of difference in how you operate.  Here are a couple of different phone “types” to consider, along with some pluses and minuses of each.


1.   Apple iPhone



  • Sleek and functional – has the acclaimed Apple interface, with more than enough capacity to get the job done.  Easy to learn interface means everyone can use it.


  • Great for basic to intermediate Smart Phone use, as well as games and apps.  Made specifically for the wealth of iPhone applications that are readily available.


  • Since Apple controls what apps are available to be installed, tends to be very reliable with few bugs or glitches.  Restarting your phone due to a “crash” will seldom occur.



  • Limited ability to “customize” your phone.


  • No field-replaceable parts – If your battery life is starting to erode, or you get a crack in the screen, you have limited options to repair or replace.


  • Limited backup and sync options – iCloud only allows you to restore to another iPhone, iTunes can be clunky and interfere with other applications.



2.   Android (Droid, Galaxy phones, etc.)



  • More customizable than the iPhone, with more options for arranging icons and other customizable features.


  • In many cases, you can buy extended batteries that double or triple battery life.


  • More hardware vendors tend to lead to more Android smart phone choices.


  • “Widgets” allow for you to have the data you need, right at your fingertips, so you never need to open an app.




  • The sheer amount of choice may be overwhelming for users.


  • The user interface may require a learning curve, especially for those migrating from Apple iPhones.


  • The competition is stiff.  Meaning, even if you buy the most powerful phone on the day it is launched, another company could potentially announce something even FASTER the very next day. And the hardware can vastly differ sometimes from phone to phone.