Office Mobile Costs too much

August 20th, 2013

Is Office Mobile, the iPhone version of Microsoft’s long-running Office series, worth a $100 yearly subscription fee? Jill Duffy, a tech reviewer at, says “no.” And she’s right.

Too costly?

Duffy writes that Office Mobile performs adequately. It does what it’s meant to do. There is however a problem: It’s way too costly.

Not the only game in town

That’s because users must purchase a Microsoft 365 subscription before gaining access to the app. That subscription costs at least $99 a year. That’s a big investment, especially when so many free alternatives to Office Mobile exist.


If you’re a knowledgeable smartphone user, then, you’ll take Duffy’s advice: Look around on the ‘Net to find the best free alternatives to Office, programs such as Polaris Office. You may be surprised at how powerful these programs are.