Does your business have a cybersecurity plan?

June 4th, 2013

If you’re a small business operator, don’t believe hackers aren’t attracted to you. Entrepreneur Magazine recently ran a story, relying on data provided by computer security company Symantec, showing that small businesses with one to 250 employees suffered 30 percent of all cyber crimes last year. The message here? You do need to create a cybersecurity plan to protect your small business.


Fortunately, the cybersecurity plan that Entrepreneur offers is a simple one to put into practice. First, the magazine recommends that you immediately install anti-virus software on your business’ computers. No anti-virus software will stop every virus. But computers left unprotected are very easy targets for cyber criminals.

E-mail Mistakes

Many company hacks start with employees unintentionally opening suspicious e-mail messages. Because of this, Entrepreneur suggests that small business owners constantly remind their employees to delete any suspicious e-mail messages, even if they may be supposedly coming from people they know. Businesses need to remind employees, to not click links they find after opening suspicious e-mail messages.


Entrepreneur also recommends that companies use firewalls to secure their inbound and outbound network traffic. Firewalls can keep hackers from making use of a small business’ network. Firewalls can also block employees from accessing potentially dangerous Web sites.