Does everyone like Evernote?

March 28th, 2013

Are you part of the cult of Evernote? Do you use the popular organizing app to schedule meetings, save your favorite Web pages and keep track of your wedding anniversary date? Do you use the program to store images and videos for work or play?

Why make the switch to Android?

March 27th, 2013

Do you love your iPhone? Can you ever imagine deserting it? Well, maybe here’s the better question: Have you ever compared your iPhone to an Android-powered smartphone like the Galaxy S III

Get Your Gamer Kids Outside With Geocaching

March 1st, 2013

In our rural neck of Wise County, there’s not an abundance of places to take the kiddos for entertainment, so its not rare to have to find our own fun around here.  Last weekend, that duty fell to my teenager and a couple of his buddies – specialists in fun-finding – who, on a whim, downloaded a geocaching app for smart phones.