Looking for the best tablet? Think Mini

January 16th, 2013


The choices seem infinite. There’s the popular iPad. Amazon gives you the Kindle Fire, while Barnes & Noble has its own Nook series of devices. Even though technically e-readers, these devices serve as lower-cost tablets. Then there are the powerful Galaxy tablets manufactured by Samsung, as well as countless lower-profile products from smaller sized tech companies. One Web site recommends you skip the many above-mentioned tablets and choose the iPad Mini.

The Benefits of the Mini

Staffers at the WireCutter blog site propose the iPad Mini for one simple reason: It’s equally as powerful as its bigger cousin, but it weighs less. For the staffers at WireCutter, the standard iPad’s heft, as they refer to it, has turned into a problem. As the staffers wrote in a recent article, you can’t support the traditional iPad like a magazine, which is the ultimate goal of a tablet. That’s because its weight is a bit more like hefty coffee table or perhaps thinner phone book. The iPad Mini, however? It really is light.


The editors at WireCutter ran the iPad Mini through a series of tests to figure out how well it functions. What did they discover? That it performs equally as well as any tablet already that you can buy. For instance, despite the fact that the Mini has a smaller screen, watching movies with the device is equally impressive as seeing them on the larger iPad. This holds true for reading books, scanning the Internet and playing video games. Simply put, the iPad Mini’s smaller size is under no circumstances a hindrance to enjoying the tablet.

The right recommendation?

The WireCutter recommendation, though, shouldn’t be taken as being the last word about them. The recommendation reflects the viewpoint of that Web site’s staff. Your impression might vary. Fortunately, you have plenty of tablets to choose from. After you do your research, you might find you prefer the Kindle Fire, the Nook Tablet or the traditional iPad to the Mini. The WireCutter review, though, is a compelling bit of evidence that the Mini is no mere novelty act. It’s a legitimate competitor in the ever more congested tablet world.

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